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How Many Electric Savers Can I Install?…

I keep getting this question alot so I want to go over my answer in detail with you to make sure you are not making the same mistake.

Can you install more than 1 unit on a home and get better savings for your customer?

Unfortunately, this is not a simple yes or no answer. It depends on the existing waste/losses that the customer has. How much distance is between these motors on the property compared to where the power company’s meter is?

See picture below:


If the customer has existing waste/losses of 15% then the best amount of savings/waste captured you could hope to get for your customer is 15%, putting 2 or 3 units on a home will not save your customer 30 or 45%. I wish that were true but it simply is not the case and can actually cause your customers power bill to go up or burn up the motors/appliances in their home if left overcorrected.

find-energy-consuming-appliancesSo, finding the largest (heaviest consumption) motor on your customer’s property that is the furthest away from the meter is the best way to save kilowatts for your customer. If you are also looking to provide surge suppression and lengthen life of appliances in the home for your customer, putting a small unit on the main panel and a perfectly sized unit on the customer’s largest motor is ok.

This will probably be your most common install on a single family residential home with Central A/C unit and home appliances.

Just be sure you are checking the amp reading with those motors on before & after install to prevent overcorrection every time you install an Electric Saver no matter where you are installing the unit. This action alone will stear you clear of any problems that could possibly come up in the future.

If the property is larger and has more than 1 central a/c unit, heat pump, pool pump, etc. then you may consider putting multiple units on large motors for best results. However I know this is not always workable financially for your customer & you in the case of 5-6 large motors on a property.

energy-auditYou have to use your best judgement in this scenario. Figure out which motors are impacting the bill most (used most often) & furthest away from the meter and install on those 2 or 3 motors only (instead of all 5 or 6) to get your customer the best savings possible.

You will close more deals this way and you will have more happy customers that are saving the most they can.

Should you need any units, remember all single phase units 50, 100 & 200 amp models are the same price. If you need a mixture of single phase models, just give the office a call at 1-863-467-0588 and we can mix and match a 10 or 20 piece order for you for the bulk discounted 10 or 20 piece price.

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Glenn Hough
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