Electric Saver Installation- How to Save on Electric Bill

​Why a Simple Extech Meter will help save on power bill….

amp-meterWhen you are installing the Electric Saver do you know how many units to install and why? If your answer was maybe, or I’m not sure, continue reading & let’s discuss this a little more in detail.

We use the Extech Model 380976 to take our amp readings. It costs roughly $250-$300 and there is NO need for you to spend THOUSANDS on other equipment!

It will tell you: kilowatts, power factor, volts, amps, whether the power factor is leading or lagging. It will give you a TON of data, more than you need to know for just this application. So it is well worth the investment!

When you are installing the Electric Saver device, you must take amp readings before the install and after (with the motors at full load) to compare the 2 amp readings to make sure that you haven’t overcorrected the home.

Follow the At the Load instructions, Option 2 to do this correctly. If you need to review these instructions, you can get them here:Installation Instructions-Click Here

If a home has a 200 amp main service panel and 2-100 amp subpanels, where is the best place to install the device?

Option A- Install 1 unit at the main panel
Option B- Install 2 units, 1 at each subpanel
Option C- Install 3 units, 1 at each panel, main & subpanels
Option D- Install directly to the largest motors on the property
Option E- Install directly to the largest motors on the property & the main panel

electricalPanelThe answer….it depends on the home

Option A- If you install the Electric Saver at the main panel, you are correctingharmonics and the incorrect billing that is occuring in the home. Electronic devices such as computers, TV’s, DVD players and other electronic devices cause the meter to read and bill you inaccurately. Ontario Hydro admitted this openly in their service manual for their technicians back in the 1980’s to handle different issues on customer’s property.

If you install on the main panel, and it is close to the kwh meter, all you are doing is correcting the harmonics on the property. This has reportedly saved customers between 5-10% on their bills. But if you want to REALLY reduce kilowatt consumption, if you are going to install in the main electrical panel, make sure there is at least 30+ feet between the main panel and the power company’s meter. Otherwise, you may have to issue alot of refunds if your customers don’t get significant results…or worse- your reputation gets ruined.

Option B- If you install the Electric Saver at the subpanels, you would NOT need an additional unit at the main panel as you have already corrected the amperage on the property. Choose this option (installing only at the subpanels) if the main panel is very close to the power meter or there are too many motors on the property to install at each motor directly.

Air Conditioner Heat Pump Pool Pump motor amp kwh consumption

If the customer has subpanels & multiple motors like a jacuzzi, a pool, 3 or 4 Central A/C’s etc. It would be more cost efficient for your customer to buy 2 units instead of 6 units. The customer would still see energy savings without breaking his/her bank and you losing the deal.

If the customer has no subpanels, and the meter is close to the main panel, you MUST install the units directly to the largest motors on the property that impact the power bill the most. (Usually that is the Central A/C, heat pump, or pool pump)

Option C- NEVER install a device at the Main panel and the subpanel. If the main panel is a 200 amp service and the subpanel is a 100 amp service and you put a 200 amp model unit on the main panel and a 100 amp model unit on the subpanel, you have just overcorrected the property. You will cause the power bill to go UP which is NOT what we are trying to do for our customers. The sub is part of the main electrical system, so if you put a 100 on the sub, & you still want correction on the main, only put another 100 amp model, NOT 200.

Correct Way to Install at the Motor to Reduce Kwh!

Option D- If you install directly to the largest motors on the property, this is by far THE best way to guarantee kilowatt savings. Just be sure that the motors you are installing the device to are:

1) Far enough away from the power meter to see kilowatt savings for your customers.

2) You are installing on the contactor so that the unit is on only when the motor is running. Don’t install at the disconnect as the unit will be on all the time and will cause overcorrection ( aka the customer NOT to save ANYTHING off of their power bill for this motor).

2) You are sizing properly with your amp meter before and after the install to make sure the amps are dropping with the unit installed. If the amps stay the same or are going up, you have too much correction on the motor and need a smaller model.

* ALSO, if you are not seeing any change, make sure you are measuring on the line side as the load side will not change, the motor still needs the same amount of amperage to run. But the line side (the supply line from the power company) will be less because we are making the motor more efficient.

Option E- If you install directly to the largest motor on the property and your customer is willing to make the investment on a 2nd Electric Saver device.

Make sure you size each install properly by taking your amp readings for each device you install. Remember, if you installed a unit on the customer’s largest motor directly (like a Central A/C unit), you will NOT need another 200 amp model for the main panel, you will need something smaller (because you already corrected a large portion of the amperage in another place).

Each property varies in efficiency so you will have to take your pre & post amp readings to make sure you are installing just the right model on your customer’s property for their application.

So, if you do not have an amp meter to take these measurements, how can you be sure your customer will save money? You MUST measure in real time when you install the device to ensure your customer will see results and by doing this you ensure your energy saving business expands & grows, not the opposite.

If you would prefer custom made units, we also build custom size units to fit the motor’s measurements. To get custom units built, please take the measurements on the attached sheet and we will be happy to build for you. Click Here for the Custom Built Unit Measuring Sheet (in Excel format).

As always, if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away. Have a great week!

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