KVAR PFC Distributor Guide- Advanced Installation Questions

KVAR Distributor: Advanced Questions…

Distributor-QuestionsBecause I get so many questions on what model fits what motor, I am going to provide you with a guide to help you. Also, I am going to go over some questions and answers to help guide you to help you answer questions you may get from YOUR customers.

Question: “Why Can’t a 200 amp unit go on a smaller home that has a 100 amp or 50 amp service?”

Answer: “If you put a unit that is too big on a home, you can cause overcorrection. Overcorrection can cause your customer’s power bill to actually go up instead of down. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT! The energy saver can also cause motors to burn up. Again, this is not something you want to do. Fitting the right size energy saver directly to the application will yield the best results for you and your customer.”


Question: “Why do you recommend that I install the correctly sized energy saver directly on the motor instead of directly on the main panel when installing power savers in Residential Homes?

electric-saver-installationAnswer: “Installing the correctly sized energy saver directly on the motor (Central A/C, Heat Pump, or Pool Pump) is the best way to get your customer results (reduce their kilowatt usage/ lower power bills). The distance between the Main Panel and the Power Company’s Meter is very small in the case of most Residential homes.

Because of this, there is very little waste or loss you would be correcting between the 2. However, if the central A/C unit or heat pump is on the other side of the home or if the pool pump is a good distance away, you can save your customer a great deal of $money$ by directly installing on these motors. The further the distance, the more loss there is which means the more you can lower the power bills.


Question: “How do I know that the unit is sized correctly for the application?”

amp-meterAnswer: “Before you install the power saver, with the motor at full load, measure with an amp meter, how many amps the motor is pulling on the line side. Then, when you install the unit, measure with an amp meter on the line side with motor at full load to ensure the amps are dropping. If they are dropping (smaller from your previous read with

out the power saver installed), the power saver is working and is doing its job. You can also measure in kilowatts instead of amps to ENSURE that what the customer is billed for ie kilowatt hours, that the kilowatts are reducing.”


Question: “Why can I install a power saver directly to a main panel in an apartment or condo and get great results but not on the main panel in a residential home?”

lower-power-bills-very-possibleAnswer: “In an apartment or condominium, the power meters for the property are on the ground floor or in an electrical room on the ground floor. Because there is so much distance (loss that can be corrected) between the wiring in the apartment and the power company’s meter, you can install the energy saver directly to the main electric panel in the apartment and get good results.

Another way to also get fantastic results, is to install an energy saver directly to the Central A/C unit that is located on the roof of the building. Again, because there is alot of distance between the apartment or condo itself and the A/C unit, there is loss in the wiring that can be corrected, which means helping customers lower power bills is VERY possible and DO-Able!


Here are the directions to install the energy saver correctly:

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions Part 2

You can also get these redesigned with your company information on them. Contact me if interested in getting this done. We have someone that can make this process SUPER Easy and they do great work!


Here is a Guide on What Electric Saver 1200 model goes on what motor. However, you still need to follow the “At the load instructions” exactly. And ALWAYS do a PRE vs. Post Test to be sure the amps are going down after you install your energy savings device.

For Single Phase Applications:

Number of Actual Amps Motor is Drawing

Model Needed

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1-5 Amps​ES-1050Click Here
6-14 AmpsES-1100Click Here
​15-35 AmpsES-1200Click Here

For Air Conditioner Applications:

Number of Tons A/C Unit is

Model Needed

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​6-14 Amps​ES-3100Click Here
​15-35 Amps​ES-3200Click Here
​36-70 Amps​ES-3400Click Here

F or Three Phase Applications:

Number of Actual Amps Motor is Drawing

Model Needed

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1-2 TonES-1050Click Here
3 TonES-1100Click Here
15-35 AmpsES-1200Click Here

I hope you have a great week!

To your Success,
Glenn Hough

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