Is KVAR Power Factor Correction Equipment a Scam?

​Is KVAR Power Factor Correction Equipment a Scam?

is-it-scamBelow are some of the conversations that I have actually had with customers who want more information on whether KVAR Power Factor Correction devices are a scam or not. We urge EVERYONE we talk to, to actually test products for

themselves (especially when they come with a 1 year money back guarantee) rather than believing someone he/she has never met in real life.

When using KVAR PFC devices, we have found different properties get different savings results depending on how efficient or inefficient their property is. You know your intentions are what’s best for you. Who knows who’s intentions the product reviewer has in mind. It could be their own, it could be his/her employer’s best intentions or it could just be someone who likes causing confusion and chaos just for fun. So do your own due diligence. I will share with you my experiences below…

Customer: I saw on the internet the other day that these things are a scam.

take-a-lookMe: Well if you go back to those websites and take a close look, they don’t recommend anything. All you read is negative negative negative. When you meet someone in life who has only complaints, you instinctively know something is not quite right and tune them out. And this situation is no different.

I have lots of happy customers who have given me product reviews (I direct them

back to my site to my testimonials page and remind them that I give an unconditional full 1 year money back guarantee.) I then ask them, “what do you have to lose, other than high electric bills?” And 90 plus % of them say, “ok, I’ll take one.”

Customer: If these things are so great, why doesn’t everyone have one or why have I never heard of this before?

Me: Well, you will notice back in the 80’s when this started to come around in the residential market the price per kwh was quite low, and now within the last few years the cost has increased considerably. “You have noticed this right?”

Customer: Yeah

Me: Ok, if I offered you 20 years ago a box for $400 to cut your electric bill, on average 10-15% which means you would get your money back in about 8-12 years, would you be interested?

Customer: No, not really.

Me: But, what if I tell you, what if I sell you the same box now which will get your money back within 1-2 years and has a 20 year warranty. Would you be interested?

Customer: Yes!

Me: There’s your answer, that’s why you have never heard of this, because this is the real life answer to the question you just asked.

Customer : Ok.


There are articles on the internet claiming the technology behind power factor correction devices do not work, is a hoax, a scam, or the savings you would get if you installed a power saving device wouldn’t be worth the investment based on the pennies in savings you would get.

math-formulaOr they give a mathematical formula proving that the concept doesn’t work. Professor Umpchuck says…based on this theory power savers won’t work.

Or Fred the new YouTube video master decided to test the powersaver out in an improper application also not knowing too much about the product or the technology behind power factor correction.

Today, I am here to tell you they are wrong. Many said Leonardo da Vinci’s designs of the ornithopters, (the first helicopter, and parachute in the late 1400‘s) wouldn’t work. But when tested correctly- in actual fact they do.

flat-worldMany people also thought the world was flat, not round also. My point with this being, there are many many people out there that say things don’t work, can’t work, will never work. Their only purpose is to keep things from

progressing and are focused on stops & dead ends. These people are the skeptics or the complainers of the world.

If you go back and look at those sites, they don’t recommend anything that works, all they do is tell you what doesn’t work. Their sites are full of stuff that they think are scams. Usually when you run into someone in life like that, you think, “This is someone who can never be made happy=Professional Complainer”.

complainerThere are those out there that no matter what, their job in life is to complain and make things wrong. I am sure you know someone like this already. And you usually don’t want to spend much time with him/her if you do! Every holiday season, if this person is in your family, I am sure you are NOT jumping for joy that you get to spend YOUR holiday time with him or her 😉

It is up to you to push through the complaints, false information and downright lies and shed the light of truth onto the scene. But how do you do this?
The above questions and answer scenario are actual dialogues I have had with customers to help you in your future sales presentations.

glenns-guaranteeGet results for your customers and help as many people as you can in the world.
In correct application, many many of our Electric Saver 1200 users are getting results- a drop in actual kwh usage.

The device works. We offer a full 1 year satisfaction money back guarantee to all our customers to ensure that all customers get results and are HAPPY. Unconditionally, no matter what. If you don’t do this, you should.

The fact is, not 1 of your customers will ever be upset with you if you get them results and save him/her & all their family/friends money on their monthly power bills.

moneyman2The ONLY way you get a bad reputation is if you don’t get results for your customer, if you don’t save them money on their power bill. There are ways you can get positive results for your customers (based on the best installation methods we discussed in earlier articles) and there are ways you can get no-results for your customer.

Make sure you are installing the power saver based on the “At the load” Instructions and distance from your power company’s meter. The more distance a motor has between it and the power company’s meter, the more results you can get for your customer.

If your customer doesn’t have alot of distance between their motors and the power meter, their results will not be as good as their neighbor’s because their home doesn’t have very much wasted energy.

For example, if you get paid to clean up spills on the floor…If there is no spill on the floor to clean up, you can’t clean up a mess that doesn’t exist. That would be equal to getting no results for your customer.

If they don’t have some distance between their power company’s meter and the motors in their home (Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Pool Pump), or if they simply do not use very much energy with motors, your customer will not be able to obtain results with your product.

It isn’t that the KVAR power save device is a scam, it is that the home doesn’t have a huge energy waste problem that some houses do. And you can’t correct a problem that doesn’t exist. You cannot get results if there is no problem to correct in the first place.

helpingGet Results the right way. Your Customers Win & You Win. If you truly care and want to win in life, make sure this point is always kept in. RESULTS & TRULY CARE FOR YOUR CUSTOMER.

Truly listen to their skepticism and concerns, because they are giving you the opportunity to handle the negative information/doubts/concerns they have been given and turn them into believers. Show them the way and they can help their friends & family as well.

Shine the light of truth on the scene, prove that your KVAR power saver device works and is NOT a scam and your customers will send you more referrals than you can handle. I am not kidding!

Millions of people are in need of your help at this very moment. Help them with your product and everyone wins!

To Your Success,

Glenn Hough
CEO, Electric Saver 1200

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