Marketing Tips Part 3 – Powerful Sales That Turn Prospects Into Buyers

​Marketing- How To Melt Your Prospects’ Resistance and Turn Those Prospects Into Plentiful Buyers

referralsThe last couple emails I showed you hot to write HOT Attention Drawing Titles & How to Write Awesome Bulletpoints to grab your prospects attention and keep him/her riveted on you. Today, we are going to talk about how to INSTANTLY gain authority and credibility with a prospect. This isso easy and powerful that it’s almost unfair!

​If you’re not getting REGULAR referral sales, you’re leaving major money on the table, period. A study done by the Securities Industry
Association showed that 86% of surveyed customers would refer their broker to their friends, yet only 12% have ever been ASKED.

Another study found that a referral is up to 15 TIMES more likely to do business with you than a cold prospect. Some of my best salespeople get about 50% of their sales from referrals, and they have a very workable, specific way of going about it.

The wrong ways will get you very little leads, while the right way can get you enough to dramatically increase your sales with very
little effort.


ask-the-right-personJust the other day my friend received a horrible cold call that went something like this:

My friend Pat: “Hello?” Salesperson: “Hi Mr. Johnson, this is Joey with ABC Insurance. I’m
calling to schedule a time to talk about your life insurance policy. Would two or four o’clock be better on Tuesday?”

My friend Pat: “I’m not interested.”

Salesperson: “I see. Do you have any friends I could contact?”

His answer was about as enthusiastic as it would be if I were answering an IRS agent asking, “Do you have any friends I can
audit?” So who IS the right person and when is the right time?

Common sense and experience tells me that the right person is someone who just bought from you or complimented you on your
products or services. Rarely will you get good referrals out of prospects that blow you off.

The right time is RIGHT AFTER they buy or compliment you. Don’t wait! That’s when they’re hottest for your product or service so
seize the opportunity!


ask-right-questionsFar too many salespeople just ask, “Do you know anyone else I could contact?” There’s a much more persuasive way of going about this.
Instead, tie your request into the problem you just solved, the pain you eased, or the result you helped them achieve.

For example, “Joe, I’m glad you were able to cut down on your utility expenses using our device.

​By the way, who else do you
know that is experiencing a similar problem and would benefit from a power saving device like this?”

Now you’re putting them in the position of HELPING a friend, instead of sending a salesperson after them.


prospectIf they come up empty, give suggestions: “…maybe someone in your trade group, country club, perhaps a similar business you don’t compete with?”


As the saying goes, what gets rewarded, gets repeated. You don’t want your referral

source to dry up on you, you want them sending
you business EVERY TIME a situation arises that would be good for you, and the person they are thinking of. Therefore, reward
your source for a referral. It can be as inexpensive as a thank you note, or something material like a referral fee.


final-wordsOkay so your new challenge is to ask for, get and WORK as many referrals as you can. Use these ideas and do SOMETHING! The best laid out plans are good for nothing if you don’t act on them. And remember all the lights don’t have to be green to start on your journey. Take Action!

On our next email, we are going to continue our Marketing Series on How to Write Ad Copy that gets your phone ringing off the hook.
Stay tuned &Thanks for reading!

To Your Success,

Glenn Hough
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