​Smart Meters: Are YOU next on the HIT List?…

“A corporate program that places profit over safety”

Does this sound familiar? No? That is your utility company hard at work trying to cut out some poor meter reader’s job so that they can have more PROFITS! Do you think your utility company actually cares about the bottom line in your household’s finances if they are already cutting their own employees throats by eliminating their jobs? I don’t think so.

Smart meters are built out of plastic that can melt and catch fire. We are talking about Smart Meters that read ELECTRICITY right? Even a third grader knows that plastic burns and melts while glass resists flame. Now why would your utility company put you and your family at risk like that? Corporate Greed, that’s why.


Back when our government agencies cared about safety, electrical meters were solid state, with a thick glass casing, built to last decades. Now they are built in Mexico and China out of plastic, made only to last a few years. We are all well aware of the “Quality Products” that come from these 2 countries. Need I say more?

While analog meters were designed to withstand electrical surges, untested ‘smart’ meters allow surges to flow into homes, risking the safety of residents and damaging untold thousands of appliances. Ask the utility to compensate residents for damages? “That’s your wiring ma’am- not our meter.” A meter that happens not to be UL listed we might add.

This is why it is so important to notify every homeowner in your area as to what is going on. Your homes and expensive appliances are AT RISK and you may not even know it. The Electric Saver 1200 will help protect you and everyone you know against these electrical surges and spikes that your power company is exposing you to! Not only that, but the Electric Saver 1200 will actually reduce your kilowatt consumption too. So it’s a win/win all around!

Your power company could care less how much you pay and how efficient your home is. Their PR department does a really good job of hiding this fact, but it is true. Just look at the actions they are doing to have more profits!

Get the word out in your area to tell EVERYONE. Most don’t even know that Smart Meters can be a hazard their home and family’s well being. Provide a valuable workable solution that helps them and your name will be passed on to everyone else they know too!

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To Your Success,

Glenn Hough
Electric Saver 1200