Power factor Correction: A Surprise Distributor Visit

​Power Factor Correction: A Surprise Visit with a Distributor

Recently I was in the area of a dealer and surprised him by stopping by and helping him on a new job. We were on the rooftop of a Fortune 500 company with the wind whipping around us. This time I brought my personal secretary up on the roof too. She took down all the measurements needed to put the units directly on the A/C units.

Even though the A/C units were only a couple years old at best, we still found readings of .80, .75 and .74 that could be improved. We measured volts, amps, power factor, and kilowatts on a 10-ton A/C unit to determine exactly what was needed for this property.

With these four measurements taken per phase, we can determine exactly what model will fit the A/C perfectly to get your customer the best results possible.

Here is a rough guide to go by, but always take measurements prior to installing and after unit is installed to be sure the unit is dropping the amps on the motor to ensure your customer’s unit is sized perfectly for their application and getting the best results possible:

For Single Phase Applications:

​Number of Actual Amps Motor is Drawing

Model Needed

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1-5 Amps​ES-1050Click Here
​6-14 Amps​ES-1100Click Here
​15-35 AmpsES-1200Click Here

For Air Conditioner Applications:

​​Number of Tons A/C Unit is

Model Needed

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​1-2 Ton​ES-1050Click Here
​3 Ton​ES-1100Click Here
​4-5 TonES-1200Click Here

​For Three Phase Applications:

​​​Number of Actual Amps Motor is Drawing

Model Needed

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​6-14 Amps​ES-3100Click Here
​​15-35 Amps​​ES-3200Click Here
​36-70 Amps​ES-3400Click Here

​Remember above is just a best guess, below is an example of how to install directly to a motor to get the best results:

Remember, heat pumps are driving up energy costs throughout the winter not just in the summer. Many people do not realize you can help them with their heating bill as well because your product usually hasn’t been heard of.

So start helping your customers not just on cooling bills but on heat pump bills as well. And those bills are usually higher than most A/C bills!

People are looking for solutions to rising energy costs. Get them great results and you will have more referrals than you can handle. That is not a bad problem to have!

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Have a great week!

Glenn Hough
Electric Saver 1200