Smart Meters: Untested, Dangerous to your health, & Unsafe

Smart Meters: UNTESTED, Dangerous to your health, & UNSAFE for YOUR Home!

SMART-Meter-Warning-1024x768In my opinion, “Smart” Meters are an excuse to charge more money on consumer power bills without benefiting the customer at all. Below several sources are cited that have tested the overall results of installing Smart Meters on consumer’s homes or businesses. reported: “Connecticut’s Attorney General George Jepsen was quoted as saying the proposal would cause customers to spend upwards of $500 million on meters and get few benefits in return” and “The attorneys general of both Illinois and Connecticut have stated that they do not believe smart meters provide any financial benefit to consumers, however, the cost of the installation of the new system will be absorbed by those customers“

power-company-profit-onlyThis is a product that is NOT needed and will not help Americans. The increased cost will impact the elderly on limited income, families with 1 or both parents on part-time work or unemployed. This is NOT the time to implement this type of program! The US economy is struggling, families are trying to make ends meet, and the UTILITY COMPANIES ARE BILKING US FOR MORE PROFITS!

In Chicago, Commonwealth Edison ran a test installing smart meters on 8,000 randomly selected households together. In the Crain’s Chicago Business article: Smart grid test underwhelms. “the overall amount of reduction was “statistically insignificant.”

Question: Why are Smart Meters continuing to be installed on consumer’s homes/businesses if it doesn’t help the American People?

Answer: Smart Meters help cut operational costs for the POWER COMPANY aka, they can cut Meter Reader’s jobs, they can cut the power off to ANY home remotely and THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON FOR THEM…they can increase Corporate Profits!

  • Dangerous For Your Health-

smart-meter-not-healthyThe meters are widely reported to be impacting human and environmental health. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has warned people with a number of medical conditions to avoid them.

Thousands of people have reported ringing in the ears, insomnia,

headaches, dizziness, nausea, heart irregularities, memory loss, and anxiety after a smart meter was installed on their home. In fact, reported, ” “Smart” meters emit strong bursts of microwave radiation that the World Health Organization labeled a Class 2b carcinogen in May of 2011.” This is the same category as lead, DDT, and chloroform

Yes, you read that correctly! LEAD, DDT, and chloroform! Smart Meters do not belong anywhere near humans, much less families with young children!


SmartMeter-Not-SafeAs reported by, “26 smart meter fires in Pennsylvania forced PECO to suspend further installations in August, and this has sparked inquiries in Washington, DC, Maryland, and other states. Problems with wiring, lack of UL certification, and unprofessional, shoddy installations have been suspected as causes of these and other fires, which have already caused millions of dollars in damages.

Yet installations continue in many areas. Public safety advocates are ​demanding an immediate moratorium on these unsafe, untested devices.”

Untested for Safety and installed on YOUR home causing you more liability & expense. Smart Meters do not protect your home from Power Spikes & Surges like the old Analog Meters used to. This means you have the cost of the smart meter added onto your power bill AND you have the added cost of protecting items in your home (such as your Central A/C, Heat Pump, Pool Pump, Appliances, and Electronics) from Power Surges, Spikes and Brownouts


stop-smart-meterGet the word out in your area to tell EVERYONE. Most don’t even know that Smart Meters can be a hazard to your home and family’s well being. Provide a valuable workable solution that helps as many people as you can get in front of and your name will be passed on to everyone else they know too.

You have an affordable Whole House Surge Protector and can provide a solution to help your community!

All Current Models include Surge Protection up to 2000 Joules for Inductive Loads (such as Central A/C, Heat Pump, Refrigerators, Washers/Dryers). This covers the most expensive systems in your home.

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