Power Saving- Troubleshooting Customer Questions

Power Saving- Troubleshooting Customer Questions

As the weather heats up nationwide, people start using their air conditioners and heat pumps more and more without even realizing it.

air-conditionerDid you know that 40-60% of your power bill comes from air conditioning and heating your home?

According to Energystar.gov nearly ½ of your power bill comes from heating and cooling your home. The more you use your Central A/C system, the more energy you consume. And you say, yeah duh!!! I know that!

Below are some energy saving tips, to help you succeed with the Electric Saver product line.

However increases in power bills/usage can be more subtle than you think. If your thermostat is set to 74 degrees every day and you aren’t changing it often, it is easy to think, “Well I haven’t changed anything in my home and my bill is going up, up, up!”

What you or your customer may not be accounting for, is the rise in temperature outside. Even though it may be just a few degrees, your air conditioner turns on/off a lot more throughout the day. Because of this, power bills start to spike around this time of year.

Unless you or your customer are on the averaged power bill program with your power utility, your bills fluctuate throughout the year. Some months they are really low, when you don’t need to run your large energy hogs in your home/business. And some months they are really high, when it’s so hot outside it seems like the roof is going to melt.

If you have recently installed your power saving devices on your customer’s home/businesses, one of the biggest questions we get asked around this time of year is….

“ My energy bill went up, I don’t think the power saver you installed is working.”

The unit may have been installed properly by you. However, your customer can’t see the savings difference because their power bill last month to this month was higher due to the changing weather and increased usage.

So, that’s the first thing to check.

hot-weather1) What was the weather like in your area? If the temperatures are rapidly increasing, so is the usage and so are power bills. So even though, your unit is properly installed and giving power savings, the customer hasn’t noticed yet because they haven’t compared their energy usage on their bill from last year to this year. All they see is my power bill went up from last month.

2) If the weather hasn’t changed causing the usage to go up, was anything else added to the home or business (other than your power saving device)? This could be an extra freezer, a new Jacuzzi or pool addition, or an additional refrigerator in the workshop. Sometimes people really don’t think about these things, but they all add up on the power bill.

3) Take a look at several utility bills. Has the power company raised their rates or increased/added a new surcharge that normally wasn’t there or it’s higher now? This is sometimes not very noticeable until you or your customer’s monthly budget gets tighter and tighter.

4) Is the proper size Electric Saver model installed on the home? If you have determined that the unit was installed correctly, the weather hasn’t affected the power usage, and nothing new has been added to the property, or the power bill, it’s time to eliminate the last possibility.

5) Overcorrection. This occurs when you install a model that is too big for the application. This can happen whether installing on a motor or electric panel on the property.

While 95% of the time, a 1200 model works on a 200 amp service, there have been rare cases where the property owner does not use much A/C, motor driven appliances/equipment and the usual amount of correction is too much for their property.

amp-meterIf you have eliminated the above 4 reasons, we recommend you install the next smallest size model down from the current one installed. Then, check to be sure the amperage is dropping when you install. Another way to see savings is to monitor the power usage on the utility bill.

5) If all else fails, turn the breaker (where the power saving device is installed) off for a month and monitor the usage. If the power bill is continuing to increase, you have completely eliminated that it is your product. At this point, the customer will REALLY want you to turn the energy savings device back on to help them continue saving. (Because their power bill will be even higher, if the unit was off and was really saving them money and it’s something else causing the increase).

This is the top question I get around this time of year, and I want you to be prepared just in case you need to review a customer’s property to ensure they are getting energy savings.

As always, we don’t succeed unless you do. If you need any help on this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We love to see you winning with our products and will do all that we can to make sure YOU do!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Glenn Hough

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