Top Quality KVAR Devices are HERE!

The KVAR Energy Saver 1200 is designed to help you save electricity. By making the motors and appliances more energy efficient, you use less power from your utility company. Other benefits of this device include:

– Increases the life of your appliances and motors!

– Protects/Shields your property’s expensive motors/appliances from brownouts, spikes, & power surges.

We have residential and commercial devices available, all proudly made in the U.S.A! All of our models are UL and CuL listed for your safety!

By using a simple electrical principle, the unit can make a big change in your electric bill.

Start Saving Money on your Electricity Bill in a matter of days. Enjoy that extra $20, 30, possibly even $50 EVERY month and spend it on something you love!

Our KVAR 1200 Device can get you there!