Solar vs. Power Factor Correction: Which is better?


Some say that power factor correction doesn’t work or isn’t worth the investment. But those that say this are usually basing their opinion off of mathematical formulas and not actual test results. Well, here’s power factor correction put to the test and in a big way. This is a 3rd party verifying the workability of the power factor correction product.

nypaNew York Power Authority tested power factor correction devices and the results were amazing!

Here’s a section of NYPA report: (results of their test site)

“The energy savings of the “At Load” system will be approximately 30,000 KWH annually, or approximately equivalent to the output of a 27.5 KW solar array. The

cost for that solar array at current prices would be approximately $206,000, or over ten times the cost of the power factor correction system. Tax credits on the solar array would be over $60,000, or more than three times the cost of the entire power factor system. The 15 month return on investment for the power factor correction system includes no public subsidies or tax credits of any kind.”

moneymanIs a Power Factor Correction System more cost friendly than a Solar Array system?

Based on the results above, the answer is an astounding yes! The PFC system is 1/10th the cost of solar and return on investment for the product is less than 2 years. This is without any tax credits taken into account.

Factoring in cost of system verses return on investment, power factor correction systems save YOU more money. You pay out less for the equipment and you receive your return on investment much faster.

banner1smDoes Power Factor Correction Equipment Create Energy like Solar?

Granted Power Factor Correction doesn’t produce energy like solar does. Power factor correction equipment corrects losses on your property making your property’s motors/appliances/and equipment more energy efficient.

But, if you are looking to save money and energy without shelling out thousands of dollars, PFC equipment is definitely a viable investment for your home or business.

Does My Property have losses/inefficient motors and appliances?

centralac-heatpumpYes, if you have wiring in your home, you have losses. Even if you have a brand new home or brand new central A/C & Heating system, with power factor correction equipment, additional savings have been obtained for homeowners with similar brand new systems.

NY Power Authority also verifies that after your power meter, the customer also has energy lost on their premises that they are billed for but don’t actually benefit from.

See below:

“Of every three watts of energy consumed at the generating plant, only one watt reaches the customer’s meter. More energy is lost through inefficiencies after the meter, within the customer premises. “

What if I want to live off the grid?

live-off-gridIf living off the grid is your goal, then a complete solar array system may be your best option if you have the funds to invest in this.

If you are looking to reduce your power bill, solar is still a viable option. By supplementing the power you normally use with solar panels, you can be billed less by your power provider.

Why should I save energy on my home or business?

From NY Power Authority: (for full NY Power Authority Report)- Click Here

“Any system that can reduce load, including load caused by distribution losses, will save approximately three times that amount of energy at the generating plant. Associated greenhouse gas production and emission of other pollutants will also be reduced proportionally.”

happyhouseSaving money, energy and the planet doesn’t have to be difficult. By installing PFC equipment on every property you own, you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas production and emission of other pollutants planet wide. By saving money & energy on your property, not only are you improving you and your family’s well being but everyone’s the world over.

Conclusion: Why Power Factor Correction Equipment is better than Solar.

old-solar-panelsAgain Solar is a viable option to save energy but it is very costly.

Solar Panels require maintenance and upkeep from the earth’s elements.

Power Factor Correction Equipment is 1/10th the cost to produce the same comparable savings as solar. PFC equipment is set and forget technology. Simply install to motor and the equipment needs no maintenance.

Can I use both Solar & PFC Equipment?

happypeopleTo save even more money- USE both!
Make your home or business as efficient as it can be with power factor correction units used in conjunction with a solar system. Not only will your solar system have to produce less, but you actually make your property as efficient as possible and actually use less energy.