​Energy Efficient Pool Pump Motors and How Do They Affect the Power Bill?….

pool-pumpInefficient Pool Pumps and Pool Pumps that are a good distance away from your Power Meter are a silent but Deadly Energy Hog that accounts for a good percentage of your Power Bill.

By determining the pool motor power factor and improving it, you can lower energy bills and turn your old energy hog into an energy efficient pump. Let’s take a look at a Pool Pump Setup where you or your customer would benefit with our product.

Inefficient Pool Pumps- Pool Pumps on average last about 2-3 years at best because they run 8 hours a day 7 days a week. In the hotter regions, this is year round!

The setup of where these pumps are installed is sometimes not the most energy efficient way when it comes to power usage and how you are billed. Some pool pumps are on the far back side of the pool or on the opposite side of the house from where your power meter is. This means they are a good distance away and the motor’s power factor can be improved which means lower power bills for you or your customer with the use of the Electric Saver product line.


​If you or your customer have a pool or jacuzzi with a pump that is at least 30+ feet away, installing a dedicated Electric Saver directly to that pump motor is a great way to make your motor more energy efficient. It is option 2 in our installation instructions- Click Here

Also, by knowing this method of installing and sizing the unit directly for the pool pump, this is a good way to do a more targeted direct mail or adverti sing campaign to ONLY pool owners (residential or commercial) to help these people save money & energy.

Or if you team up with Pool Service Companies on an advertising campaign to make their customers pool pump motors more efficient, you, the pool service owner, and all their customers will all be in a WIN/WIN/WIN situation.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my staff right away. We are eager to help you succeed and help others save money & energy. Have a great week!

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