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Sizing Properties Properly…

I get asked this question all the time, “How do I know what size unit to put on my customer’s home to get the best results?” so I thought I would write a how to article on doing just this.

If installing a power saver directly on a motor, it is VITAL that you measure the amp reading before and after unit is installed (with motor at full load). This is part of our installation instructions at the load, but I still get asked this question so I wanted to give you more information.

Installing a power saver to a Central A/C, Heat Pump, or Pool Pump is trickier than just attach and go. If you give a motor too much correction, you can cause it to burn up or use more energy causing the power bill to go up- not down. So knowing how to do this step is the key to getting your customers results.

If you install the power saver to the load side of the contactor inside the Central A/C & Heat Pump unit, the power saver will turn on when the A/C or heat pump turns on and off when the unit turns off. By installing the unit this way, you ensure the unit is not overcorrecting back into the home’s electrical system when this large motor is off. A home’s power bill is about 50% A/C &/or Heating costs, sometimes more. So by targeting this motor directly you will save your customer alot more money.

Let’s take a look at this.

Example 1: Your power bill costs $200 this month. $100 is from your A/C. If we target your Central A/C and heat pump (by installing directly at that motor) and save your customer 25%, this would be $25 off your customer’s monthly bill.

Example 2: Your power bill costs $200 this month. $32 is from your Refrigerator, Freezer, Washer, Dryer and Ceiling Fans. If we install the unit at the main panel to help these motors and save 25% off these motors but we are so far away from the A/C that the unit barely helps this at all-maybe 5%, this would be a savings of $8 on appliances and $5 on your A/C for a total savings of $13 a month.

So this is why we want you to correctly size the unit directly to the Central A/C, Heat Pump or Pool Pump because it saves your customer more money.

But, how do I know what size unit to install on what size motor? Below is a guide to go by, but it is only a guide. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check upon installation that the amps are going down with the unit installed not up.

For Single Phase Applications:

Number of Actual Amps Motor is DrawingModel NeededOrder Now!
1-5 Amps​ES-1050Click Here
6-14 Amps​ES-1100Click Here
​15-35 AmpsES-1200Click Here

For Air Conditioner Applications:

Number of Tons A/C Unit isModel NeededOrder Now!
​1-2 TonES-1050Click Here
3 TonES-1100Click Here
4-5 TonES-1200Click Here

For Air Conditioner Applications:

Number of Actual Amps Motor is DrawingModel NeededOrder Now!
6-14 AmpsES-3100Click Here
15-35 AmpsES-3200Click Here
36-70 AmpsES-3400Click Here


Step 1) With motor at full load, check how many amps the motor is pulling.

Step 2) Install the power saver according to the Load Instructions (Option 2). If you do not have these instructions, please email me for them.

Step 3) With motor at full load and power saver installed, check how many amps the motor is pulling.

Step 4) Compare your numbers in Step 1 to your numbers in Step 3. If the number is higher, the power saver is over correcting and you should not install this model on this motor! If the number is lower, the power saver is correctly doing its job and the customer is saving money.

What do you do if the amps are higher with the power saver on the motor than when not installed? You put the next smaller model on the motor and recheck your numbers before and after install. You do this until the number is dropping when power saver is installed.

If you are working on larger commercial properties, we also build larger custom size units to fit the motor’s measurements. To get custom units built, please take the measurements on the attached sheet and we will be happy to build for you. Click Here for the Custom Built Unit Measuring Sheet (in Excel format).

As always, if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away. Have a great week!

To your Success,
Glenn Hough

Electric Saver 1200