How to Lower Power Bills and Reduce Kilowatt Usage on a home or business

How to Lower Power Bills /
Kilowatts on a Home or Business:


Recently, I have been asked, “What is the best way to lower power bills and show results on a property and how do I find out?”
Each home is different and to get the best results possible it isn’t a cookie cutter method. But, today I am going to let you in on a little known secret. The key is: How far away from the power company’s meter are the biggest motors on your or your customer’s property?

It is up to you to find out how you can best lower your power bills or help your customer lower theirs. And knowing who your customer is and who they are not will save YOU time and money.

There are some people that barely ever use their A/C or heater or who have their thermostat set on 85 degrees. These people are not the majority and will not benefit from your power saving unit. Someone who rarely uses their Air Conditioning or Heating is NOT the customer for you (or if looking to do this yourself is not You). You would be wasting your time and theirs if you did a sales presentation of your power saving device to them.

know-it-allAlso, those who are “know bests”- these are people (only in their mind of course) who have seen it all & know it all- You can’t help people that don’t want to be helped.

These people KNOW they are right and will only give you more questions and problems and really aren’t interested in doing anything but wasting your time.

Sure, everyone has a right to ask questions, but these “know best ” people ask more questions than the average person. And in the end, they tell YOU what’s right. Again, if you spot them early on in your conversation, this will save you time and money-not someone you can help. Yes, your product comes with a 1 year full money back guarantee. But these people know everything already so they aren’t even willing to try and see results!

For the 80% of people who aren’t in the above category, these people ARE your customers and can lower their power bills significantly.

They may be in an apartment/condo building on a higher floor or on the other side of their building 50+ feet away from their building’s electric room where all the power company’s meters are. Installing a unit in their home would benefit them greatly and reduce their power bills.

centralac-heatpumpFor Homes: Knowing where their biggest motors are on the property, in comparison to where the power meter is, is key.
If you or your customer has a well pump 50 feet away from their power meter, they are begging for your help.

If you or your customer has a Central A/C unit on the other side of his/her house, you could literally save him/her alot of money.

To drop the kWh and lower power bills for yourself or for your customer, you need to be able to spot these situations when you are at the property.

If you are focused on truly helping yourself or your customer lower the power bills and not focused just on making a sale, the money will come way easier than vice versa.

Attached are the instructions on how to install our power saver unit directly to a motor. An Electrician is required to do this type of install and must follow our instructions to the letter. If during the installation, the 1200 model is found to be too big for the application, do not install the unit. You will need to switch it out for a smaller model. If you are a distributor and do this often, having a couple 100 amp and 50 amp models on hand at all times, is ideal. Click Here for a dealer catalog with all models we have in stock. Also, we can build any size you need, so contact us if you don’t see what you need.

Installation of our power saving device to an electrical panel does get results by correcting the harmonics in the home. If your have electronics in your home or business such as flat screen tv’s, computers, digital audio/alarm systems, there is a good chance that your harmonics can be affecting your power bill.

Ontario Hydro put out a report stating that these things actually cause the power meters to read inaccurately. So what does that mean for you? It means you are being overbilled. Not because you are paying a power factor penalty, but because you have inefficient motors and electronics throughout your home that causes your meter to read inaccurately and for YOU to be overbilled.

poolIf you or your customer’s home has 2 A/C’s, a pool pump, and a heat pump, then you may need to install several different sized units directly to the motors in the home to get you or your customer the best results possible.

But if the home has 1 Central A/C unit and no pool, installing 1 unit directly on the contactor of the Central A/C would be best.

Did you know that reported that 40-60% of your power bill consists of heating and cooling your home?

So by making your Central Air Conditioner more energy efficient, you can make a huge dent in your power bills. Our product guarantees to do that or your money back. Some people see huge savings with our product, some don’t. We have seen brand new energy efficient central air conditioner systems with capacitor banks already built inside them from the factory STILL get 10.2% savings. That is why we offer our 1 year money back guarantee. We put our money where our mouth is.

Imagine the thousands that you could be spending on the things you truly want instead of paying for your outrageous power bills. We want you and your customers to be so happy with the results that they are getting that they tell EVERYONE they know about this.

Yes, this product doesn’t work for everyone. Those that don’t use motors like A/C or refrigeration, or whose power meters is very close to the large motors on property, or the motors are very new and close to meter, or those that don’t have electronics on their property affecting their billing meter. There are many different factors that go along with why someone doesn’t get results. But the majority of people worldwide CAN get results. So let’s focus on helping the majority.

This is why we offer the money back guarantee. I know this is not a cookie cutter method and a bit of thought process does go into it. But if you correctly assess what you or your customer’s property needs, you can help him/her/ or yourself.

And the more you help others, the more word gets out about how YOU are changing and improving people’s lives for the better. You can dominate your area but also be helping people in the process. Knowledge is Power. Start helping yourself and all those around you right now.

To your success,