Energy Efficient appliances & what impacts power bill the most?

What Appliances Impact Your Power Bill the most?….

When you are trying to reduce your power bill or your customer’s power bill, it is important to know where to focus your attention in order to make the largest impact you possibly can.

So, Lets Take a Look at the most common motors you will find in a residential home:


Refrigerators, Washers, & Dryers- According to Energy Star Ratings, the average refrigerator, washer, & dryer only uses about $80 per year in electricity each. So, if a home has 3 of these items, all 3 put together would use about $20 a month in electricity. If we save 20% off that $20, the customer would only save $4 a month!

So, if you say, “Let’s install the Electric Saver 1200 on the main panel so that it catches and helps ALL the motors on the property.” You are really leaving alot of savings on the table for your customer. Because by installing at the main panel in most residential settings, the power meter is only a couple feet away so you are catching only a little bit of the energy loss in the home. (From the power meter to the main panel is what you are correcting when you install the Electric Saver this way)


electric-saver-1200-save-moneyIf you save 20% off of $150 a month, your savings would be approximately $30 a month. So that is ALOT better savings than $4 (in comparison above)!

And I know alot of people have power bills that are $1000-$1500 every month (in some regions such as California or the Caribean Islands) so that savings becomes an even bigger number for those people.

So, if you install the Electric Saver 1200 directly to the Central A/C motor or Heat Pump, you are catching all the loss/ or wasted energy from your Central A/C or Heat pump motor all the way to the power meter. If that motor is on the back or side of your home, installing an Electric Saver directly to that motor can save you or your customer ALOT of money off their power bill!

Which Savings would you rather put back in your wallet every month? $4 or $30+?

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