How to Save Electricity for your customers

How to Save Electricity for Your Customers!

There are many sellers out there who are not getting the best results they possibly can for their customer all because they don’t know the secret I have shared with you. The top companies in this industry (in most cases) actually tell their customers how to install these units the WRONG way! If a customer gets the power saver, installs the power saver according to their instructions and doesn’t get the intended results, guess what? That is NOT the customer’s fault for not getting savings, it is the company who told them how to install it the wrong way.


If you are instructing your customers how to install the unit in this fashion, not only does the customer lose in the end, so do you! Because your product will get the reputation of being a waste of time & money. If your customer doesn’t feel excited & happy enough about your product (and the results they are getting from it) to share it with EVERY family and friend they know, YOU HAVE FAILED!

Ok, so what is the RIGHT way to install a power saver? If your customer is in an apartment or condominium, the installation of a power saver unit for this type of property is MUCH easier than a residential home.

This is because, in apartments & condominiums, the power company’s meters for each apartment or condo are in 1 room at the bottom of the building. If your customer is on the 3rd floor, all the way at the other end of the building from the meter room, you can install the power saver directly on their main electric panel inside the apartment. Notice in the diagram below that the meter (in the meter room) is a long way away from the main electric panel itself inside the apartment. Because of this distance there is potential loss you can correct on this property. The proper installation would be to install the power saver directly on the main electric panel inside the apartment.

Installing the unit in this fashion will help their entire apartment or condo save wasted lost energy that the customer was previously billed for. This is because the main panel is VERY far away from that meter room. The further away the property is from the power meter, the better savings your customer will see.


*On an Apartment or Condo Building you would get even better results by installing directly to the A/C unit if it is located on top of the roof. This would be preferred more so than installing on the main panel, however in this application you would get results either way

electric-saver-installedOn a residential home, every property differs when it comes to the distance between where the power company’s meter is and where their A/C, heat pump, or pool pump is. But there is 1 thing that is pretty constant with residential homes and electricity.

That is the distance between the main electric panel in the residential home compared to where the power meter is is pretty close to each other. Sometimes the power meter is directly next to the main electric panel or on the other side of a wall just a couple feet away from the main electric panel.

So, with that being said, OTHER power saver companies and I mean the top companies in this industry, are instructing their dealers and customers to install power savers in a location without explaining the purpose. This is why there is a bad reputation in this industry for this product being a scam! Not because it doesn’t work, but because most don’t understand how to get the best results for your customers!

They are having the units installed directly at the main panel of the property without a proper energy audit to find the best solution for the customer. I have seen videos online claiming these products are a scam. And they were installing the unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions WHICH WERE NOT QUITE Up To Par! No wonder why they didn’t see a drop in kilowatts, because the unit really isn’t working in the correct application it was made for. If I poured you a glass of milk and asked you how good the apple juice tastes, you would be like…. WHAT? This isn’t apple juice! This is a scam! That’s exactly my point. If you install the unit CORRECTLY to get results, installing it on a main panel of a residential home may or may not be the best solution for amazing results. It depends on many factors. But if your customer is complaining that they don’t see savings, do the following steps to isolate the problem and the best solution for them.

According to below is a picture of an average homeowner’s energy bill usage.

Notice that Heating & Cooling take up 46% of a typical Single Family Home’s Power bill? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shave off 10-25% of that 46%. Well, your power saver if installed correctly can do this. If you are an Electric Saver 1200 dealer, you should have the correct installation method to do this. If you are an Electric Saver 1200 dealer and do not have this information, please contact me right away for the special energy saver instructions!

How does this information benefit YOU? Why would you care? Because you are NOT like the other guys. Because you know how to get the best results for your customers. You can offer irresistable offers to your customers that the other guys not getting results just can’t afford to do!

start-your-savingsProve you are different! Genuinely HELP & CARE ABOUT PEOPLE! Improve their quality of life with your energy saving product by making sure EVERY single sale results in an EXCITED CLIENT that wants to talk about you to everyone they know. Get them results and their savings around the same time next year will be a big pile of $dollars$ that they are able to spend on their Christmas Wish List or whatever they choose!

You can make a difference in many people’s lives with your energy saver. Become the hero in your community NOW, because in this economy, families worldwide really do need your help.

To your Success,
Glenn Hough

Electric Saver 1200