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Electric Saver 1200 - Home page
USA MADE Quality KVAR Electric Saver 1200 Boxes. Low Cost Kvar Power Saver 1200 Home & Business Energy Unit Sale. Save Electricity Power and Money. Reduce Electric Bill. Wholesale Manufacturer of Energy Saving Device!
Electric Saver 1200 - Reviews
Read/See Video Reviews from over 31+ Electric Saver 1200 users all across the nation. Satisfaction Guaranteed! We get REAL results! Free Shipping.
Electric Saver 1200 - About us
Our Company was founded because we realized the effect power factor correction could have on the economy and personal finance on EVERY home/family in America & abroad.
Electric Saver 1200 - Frequently Ask Questions
$147 USA MADE Quality KVAR Electric Saver 1200 Boxes. Low Cost Kvar Power Saver 1200 Home & Business Energy Unit Sale. Save Electricity Power and Money. Reduce Electric Bill.
Electric Saver 1200 - Dealers
Electric Saver 1200 Dealer Only Page for Wholesale Order Single/Three Phase Commercial Units Low Cost USA MADE Quality Kvar Power Electric Saver 1200 Boxes.  Reduce Electric Bills to All Your Clientelle 
Electric Saver 1200 - Contact Us
Contact Us About Our Electric Saver 1200 KVAR Power Boxes. $147 USA MADE Quality KVAR Electric Saver 1200 Boxes. Low Cost Kvar Power Saver 1200 Home & Business Energy Unit Sale. Save Electricity Power and Money. Reduce Electric Bill.
Electric Saver Demo Video
Demo Video: How Does It Work? Watch the live demonstration to see how it can lower your electric bill the easy way!
Here's Our Best Offer To You... 1 UL Listed, Made in the USA Residential Electric Saver 1200 so I can start enjoying energy savings & extra cash EVERY month! Installation Instructions…
Electric Saver 1200 - Box
The Best Energy Saver Box is manufactured in Okeechobee, FL USA. We stand behind our quality products for 20 years. We guarantee SAVINGS or your money back!
Electric Saver 1200 - Devices
We have the best electricity saving devices for your home or business available on the market today. Learn how to save on energy bills up to 25% today!
How Can You Save
How can you start saving more electricity in your home or business? Our product focuses on the biggest energy hogs in your home to make your home efficient.
How to Reduce Electric Bill
See how to decrease your electric bill with a new and effective product which give such great results that it can pay for itself in a matter of months.
How to Save Electricity at Home- $16 Billion in Losses!
Saving Electricity At Home: A Discussion on Why $16,000,000,000 in Electricity Losses is occurring in the U.S. Alone.
How to Save on Your Power Bill
Learn how to save on your power bill the easy way with a simple box that can reduce your utility bills up to 28%. We can help you too. Made in USA +Free S/H.
How To Lower Electric Bill
Stop paying high electricity bills and lower electricity bill instantly. Find out how thousands of others have already done so. Save up to 25% on power bills!
Save money without spending a fortune. Check out a power saver device that's priced affordably to help you save up to 25% on your power bill. Free S/H in the USA
Reduce Electricity Bills
Reduce electricity bills and save on your electric usage with this awesome device. Learn how to save on your power bill by up to 25%! Made in USA. Free S/H
Save Money and Energy!
You could save money and energy with a revolutionary new device with a proven track record of reducing electricity bills up to 25%. See what it's all about.
Tips to Save Power
Get some easy tips to save power and reduce bills. We have a product that can save you 25% at home and includes free S/H in the USA. Save power the EASY way!
Usage in the Home
Energy usage is on the rise and so are the costs! We show you how to take a stand and reduce your energy bills by 25%. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!
Ways to Reduce Electricity
See how you could be taking advantage of one of the best ways to reduce electricity bills. Check out how you could be paying up to 15-28% less every month.
Why Should We Save Energy?
Aside from the obvious environmental reasons, we should save energy because we can save money doing it. Learn about the best way to save energy.
Ways to Start Conserving Electricity
Looking for ways to start conserving electricity in your home or business? We can help you conserve your energy and save on electricity bills up to 25%.
Energy Conservation for Business Owners
Learn how to lower operational costs by saving energy and improving profits aka the bottom line. Energy Conservation can dramatically help.
What appliances Impact power bill the most?
Conserving Power: What Appliances Impact your Power Bill The Most? Get Energy Saving Tips; Learn How to Lower (Decrease) Your Electricity Bill. Best Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill, Energy Consumption.
Electric Saver 1200 Installation & Troubleshooting Guide
Watch installation video on our Electric Saver 1200 and see the 2 different ways to install & how to troubleshoot this product. Get Results Guaranteed!
Electric Saver Installation- How to Save on Electric Bill
Glenn discusses how to properly lower power bill and what tool you need in order to do this. Watch the video as he installs a power saver properly.
Electric Saver KVAR 1200 Installation Instructions
A Video Installation of installing the KVAR Electric Saver 1200 Device. Actually Works to save you money, up to 25%. Get yours today. Free S/H On Sale Now
How Much Is Electricity? A Line Loss Discussion
How Much Is Electricity? A Line Loss Discussion on why your electricity bill is so high and what you can do to change that.
How to Lower Power Bills and Reduce Kilowatt Usage on a home or business
How to Lower Power Bills on a home or business The EASY Way. In this training article, we discuss the best methods or reducing kilowatt consumption.
How to Save Electricity for your customersHow To Get Best Energy Savings/Results. We discuss the right & wrong ways to install our devices. With every home/business different we show how/where...
Importance Of UL Certification
How to check if device Is UL Certified? We discuss step by step how to find out exactly if your device is safe for installation or not!
Installation Help: Correct Breaker Size
When installing a power saver, it is important to know the correct way to install and what size breaker you should use. We discuss every model and what size breaker you will need to install correctly.
Installation of Different Size Models…
If you install your Electric Saver and your amps go up instead of down, that is NOT GOOD. Installing the correct size device is important.
Installation Questions
How many Electric Saver units should go on a home? And how to save the most electricity when installing the Electric Saver.
KWH: Demo of Kilowatt Hour Usage Being Reduced
KWH: Video Demonstration showing KWH | Kilowatt Hour Usage Being Reduced for our distributors only.
Pop Quiz Answer
Distributor Pop Quiz Answer- There are many ways to install, but some we recommend you stay away from. This video shows why...
Pop Quiz for PFC Equipment Distributors
Pop Quiz for PFC Equipment Distributors. We discuss 1 of the pitfalls to installing pfc equipment.
Power Saver Installation Tips: At the Electrical Panel
Power Saver Installation Tips at the Panel...   "How do I know what size unit to put on my customer's home or business to get the best results?"   When…
Power Saving- Troubleshooting Common Questions
Power Saving Troubleshooting Customer Questions: What is making power bills increase? A quick training article for distributors/dealers.
Proper Sizing And Installation
How To Install the proper size model Electric Saver to your home or business. Our easy guide will help you get the maximum energy savings!
Smart Meters: Are You Next on the HIT List?
Smart Meters: The Dangers Discussed and Learn How to Lower (Decrease) Your Electricity Bill and protect your home even with a smart meter attached
Smart Meters: Untested, Dangerous to your health, & Unsafe
Smart Meters: Untested, Dangerous to Your Health, & Unsafe for your home. What You Can Do to Protect Yourself
Step Guide For Better Way To Install Electric Saver
7 Step Guide For Electric Saver|Best Way Using Electric Saver For Multiple Breaker And Motor|Best Installation For Your Power Saver|Reduce Kilowatt Usage Using Energy Saver Product|Get More Savings With Electric Saver Device|Determine Proper Electric Saver Device Installation
Who would Save Money on Their Electric Bills the Most?
Who would save money on their electric bills the most? We discuss what causes your bill to be higher than it should and how to save on electricity
Is KVAR Power Factor Correction Equipment a Scam?
Is KVAR Power Factor Correction a Scam? Below are some of the conversations that I have actually had with customers who want more information on whether KVAR Power Factor Correction…
We offer great prices on all of your KVAR energy saver needs. Proudly Made in USA Top Quality Boxes. Guaranteed to save on your energy bills or your money back!
KVAR Definition, Calculation
Learn how to do a KVAR Definition and how to determine a calculation as well as read our KVAR Reviews! We can custom build your KVAR equipment for you...
KVAR PFC Distributor Guide- Advanced Installation Questions
Power Factor Correction Advanced Questions. Learn how to install a KVAR PFC device correctly to get maximum electricity savings. Free S/H in USA! Dealers/Distributors Wanted...
KVAR PFC Distributor Guide- Fruit Loop Questions
Power Factor Correction Advanced Questions. Guide to installing the pfc devices. Why will the device work here and not there?
Video – Does the Power Saver Device Draw Power?
Power Savers Don't Use Power| Power Savers Help Capture Wasted Power|Electric Saver Manufacturing Facility Video|Truth About Power Saver|Power Saver Demo Video|Electric Power Saver Review|Does Electric Saver Use Power|Explanation Of Electric Saver 1200 KVAR Device|Tour Video Of Electric Saver 1200 Manufacturing Facility

What is KVAR:
What is KVAR? What is the definition and how do you determine a KVAR Calculation. Power Factor Manufacturer that can help you to determine your needed equipment.
Meet the Staff…
Watch our welcome video and meet our staff. We are a proud USA manufacturer of energy saving devices. We love helping others save 25% or more off their power bills! Contact us today.
News Directory
Past Newsletters: Technical Help Articles: Demonstration Video Power Saver Installation Tips: At the Electrical Panel Video - Does the Power Saver Device Draw Power? Why UL Certification is So Important…
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Si usted tiene motores / aparatos en su casa, como el aire acondicionado, refrigerators, puede LEGALMENTE ahorrar hasta un 28% en costos de electricidad
Power Company Approves PFC System
Many power companies are quiet about power factor correction. But, New York Energy tested the product and the results were shocking!
Power factor Correction: A Surprise Distributor Visit
A Discussion on Power Factor Correction and a Surprise Visit to a distributor to help him get results.
Power Factor of Inefficient Pool Pump Motor
Inefficient Pool Pumps and How Do They Affect the Power Bill? We take a look at motor power factor and how it can reduce power bills
Understanding Power Factor Correction: What is Over-Correction?
Understanding Power Factor Correction: What is Over-Correction? In this training article, we discuss the various things you should do when installing a power factor correction device to get the best results
What is a Power Factor?
What is a power factor? Learn how it could be the key to saving hundreds per year on electricity. We can help you save up to 25% on energy costs today.
Power Save 1200
Learn how you could be saving hundreds a year with the power save 1200. Don't waste another dollar. Start saving now! Save up to 25% on your power bills easily
Power Saver 1200
We have the best quality Power Saver 1200 units. Save Electricity and Reduce Power bill up to 25%! Results Guaranteed or Money Back! FREE S/H in USA
Power Saver Max
Find out how the power saver max can help you to achieve the lowest energy bill you've ever had in years. Learn how to save up to 25% on power bills the easy way
PPC Home
Your Electric Saver 1200 saved me 28% on my electric bill! -Ralph Escandar The Electric Saver 1200 is designed to save on electricity bills up to 25%, increase the…
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1 Night Stand- Advertising Mistake
We all want to create the best advertising pieces to generate alot of sales. We discuss 1 very important point not to skip or the repercussions could be deadly to your business.
Additional Marketing Strategies
More Marketing Strategies: We discuss AIDA and how to go about each step of the sales process.
Dealer Marketing Materials
Become a successful Distributor/Dealer of our proven energy saving product. Get your brandable dealer marketing materials. Create your energy business now!
How to Increase Your Sales
How To Increase Sales By an Energy Saver Manufacturer. Knowing your customer is truly vital in being able to get your message across to them.
How to Start Energy Conservation Business
How To Start an Energy Conservation Business. These are the questions you need to ask yourself and decisions you need to make...
Marketing Tips By Electric Saver 1200 – Money-Magnets And Attract Cash
Marketing Tips Of Electric Saver|Money-Magnets For Electric Saver|Transform Customers To Cash In Electric Saver|How To Attract More Electric Saver Customers
Marketing Tips For Your Prospects
Marketing Tips: How to get your customer's attention and get your message across successfully. We discuss each step of the process.
Marketing Tips Part 3 – Powerful Sales That Turn Prospects Into Buyers
Marketing Tips Part 3|Make Most Powerful Sales|How To Melt Prospects' Resistance|Make More Plentiful Buyers.
Sales Ideas To Showcase A Product
We discuss how to showcase a product, improve your sales, and win at selling. Learn the best tips from someone who's been in the trenches.
Good Alternatives to Solar: The Best way to lower utility bills inexpensively.
Are there any good alternatives to solar panels out there? Yes, we show you something that is 1/10th the cost and is proven to lower utility bills or your money back. A great solution for solar companies for a downsell product or free gift too.
Solar Energy Savings
Looking for alternative solar energy savings? We have proven equipment that can help you save up to 25% on your energy bills at 1/10th the cost of solar
Solar vs. Power Factor Correction Equipment: Which is Better?
Is Solar really a good investment for you? Is there anything else that is more cost effective/affordable? Yes!NY Power Authority tested and verified their findings in this report!
Air Conditioner Energy Saver
We have the best air conditioner energy saver on the market. Lower power bills up to 25% by making your energy consuming appliances more energy efficient.
Best Whole House Surge Protector | Shield your home today!
Best Whole House Surge Protector: How our device not only protects your entire home from surges but also saves you energy!
Home Surge Protector
Protect your home from damaging power surges. Check out this effective home surge protector that also saves you on electricity.
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Understanding Your Electricity Bill
Want to better understand power bills? We discuss: What is a Kilowatt Hour, How many watts in a kilowatt, how much does electricity cost, & How to save electricity on your home or business.
Espanol ahorrar electricidad
Aprenda Cómo ahorrar electricidad Legalmente y fácilmente AHORA! Ahorre hasta un 25% con la mejor caja de ahorro de energía. Distribuidores queríamos!
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Buy It Now
Buy the best Electric Saving box here & stop rising utility bills. 1 year money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Made in USA! Save 25% or More Now!
Buy the Best Surge Protection Devices for Less Here!
Looking for quality surge protection devices for less? Shield yourself from power surges and protect your property. Say goodbye to fried electronics NOW!
Three Phase Electric Saver Devices - Commercial Industrial
Looking for 3 phase Power Factor Capacitors? We proudly manufacture our products in USA. We Have Many Different sizes & can build to suit. Free S/H in US.
Why is My Electricity Bill So High? 9 Tips to Lower Electric Bill
Lower Electric bills NOW! 9 tips to lower energy bills fast, easy, and FREE! If you are wondering why is the electricity bill so high, we can help. Get yours.
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