Electric Saver 1200 Reviews

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“My electric bill went down an average $40 per month in summer and about $25 in the winter months

Pedro M

“In 2004 and 2005 I began to update my house in energy efficiency. I put hurricane windows with Low E, changed all my appliances, and updated my AC to 19 SEER, before this my bill in the summer with pool water sprinkler and electric use in the sumer was as high as $475. After the improvements it went to about $180 a month in summer. Then later I some how came to find your product on line or in magazine. I was skeptical that It would save the amount of energy I could save. I payed at the time $299 for my unit. I got a friend who was an electrician to install it for me. I have to say that i was at truly surprised.

My electric bill went down an average $40 per month in summer and about $25 in the winter months when I spent less AC energy. It saved what I pay for the unit the first year and then some. About a Whoppping $425 per year. If I have had the unit for 10 years now that over $4000.

My sister and brother in law were always complaining about their electric bill and I bought them a Electric saver 1200 two Christmas ago and after installing it there bill went down about 30%. Its a no brainer. I tell everyone at work. If I wasn’t a flight attendant and had more time I would be selling these units as a dealer.
I encourage anyone to try this product they will be amazed. Im totally happy with it. And you guys totally back up your warranty claims.

I don’t know if mine had a problem with the bulb went out or what happened but no questions asked you guys 100% backing the warranty and took care of it. I am a loyal fan for life. I tell everyone I know to buy and try this unit you will not regret it.”

~ Thank guys, Pedro M

“With the Electric Saver 1200 my bills now run $40-$50 a month!

Steve-C“Thank you GLENN! I bought my Electric Saver 1200 about eight years ago. At one point my electric bill was running $130 a month. I did as many cost saving things as I could do and got the bill down to about $100 a month.

With the Electric Saver 1200 my bills now run $40-$50 a month! In the summer months before the Electric Saver 1200 was installed the air-conditioning bill and electric bill would be around $250-$280 a month. With the Electric Saver 1200, my biggest bill this year was $160 a month! That’s a huge savings! I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with the Electric Saver 1200 and how easy it was to install.

~ Thank you again, Steve C.


“Happy with my savings

“I love your product, was easy to install and am happy with my savings.”

~ Thank you, Edward G.

“Installed for a full months billing cycle now and it has saved us $99.40.

Doug-W“Just wanted to shoot you an quick update on our results thus far. We have had our unit installed for a full months billing cycle now and it has saved us $99.40. We made no changes to our usage and the weather hasn’t changed significantly either. Adding the Electricsaver1200 was the only change that was made. My wife is now a believer now. Thank you.”

~ Doug W.


“Yes, I love the electric saver 1200; it does save me money.

My bill for August 2019 was $293.17-
Last August 2018; was $594.06-
Thank you!

~ Alan O. from Tampa, Florida

Joe-F-NC “I have had my Electric saver now since about 2009. It has seen us through 3 Major hurricanes, and Multiple power surges… the last episode ( Florence),Neighbor’s lost televisions and ovens… WE DID NOT…Even our insurance company was amazed…We are true believers in the quality of this product… We average about a 16 percent savings on our monthly electric bill compared to our neighbors( in a complex of 140 patio homes). We have a pond , fountain, and well( irrigation) that kick on and off daily… it is EXTREMELY HELPFUL if you have this situation in your home… this is where we find a strong savings… Thank you for a wonderful product.

~ Joe F. from Wrightsville Beach, NC

“I installed the Electric Saver 1200 some years ago and noticed an immediate reduction in my electric bill.  Prior to it’s installation, my summer electric bill would run between $145 to $175 per month. After installation, my highest bill that summer was $132.15 and it was a particularly hot summer in Florida that year.

As far as installation goes, if you have just a basic understanding of electricity, you can install this unit yourself.  If you can wire a light switch, you can do this install. I might also mention their customer service is outstanding.

I know that this unit has paid for itself many times over since it’s installation.  The electric saver 1200 was a smart purchase.”

~ Bill P. Ocala FL

“Easy to install power saver as this is my third one to install 2 for my self and one for a friend. He was the one who turned me on to the power saver over 8 years ago. When I moved into our current home last year ordering a power saver was one of my first purchases as I am one who likes to save energy.

When I installed the power saver I could notice a difference right away when the AC would start up, lights would not flicker in the living room. I have saved about 25% average over the last year and I gotta say, it was a lot simpler than I would have thought to install. Recently I noticed the lights flickering when the AC would start up I knew I had a problem that’s when I noticed the green indicator light was out. A quick power check of the circuit breaker discovered the power saver unit was not operative. Quick response from your company great to see a company stand behind a product

~ Thanks,
Donnie Sumner

Jim-Robertson “Ok……I have to admit I was skeptical and was unsure if this thing was a hoax. Well, here’s a 3 month update of the Electric Saver 1200. I installed it on 7/21/19, so the first utility bill did not have the full 29 day billing cycle use of the energy saver. I have received 3 utility bills. All same billing cycle (29 days). Thermostat setting was the same. The only difference is the fact that the temperature for 2019 was about1 degree hotter per month during 2019 for the 3 months.

The actual bills show I used 1524 less KWH over those 3 months and the savings was $83.33 for the 3 months. And that was in the hottest part of the year!!! I’m estimating it will have paid for itself in only 6 months. I’m a believer now and am telling all my neighbors, friends and family about it. Thank you and I look forward to the next 20 years of savings.

~ Jim Robertson

“I just received it. It took about 20min to install.
This product is great. I liked it so much, that I bought one for my house. It is very easy to install. It has saved us $1000’s of dollars, not only from the savings on our electric bill, but also from protecting our equipment and appliances from power surges.

~ Thank you,
G. McAdams from Texas

“I am so happy with my PS 1200”

“I am so happy with my PS 1200. I had the power saver 1200 installed about a year and a half ago and it’s been saving me approx. $50/mo on my electric bill. From $200-210/mo my bill is now down to approx. $150-160/mo. Thank you so much!”

~ Miguel Rivera

“I am an electrical contractor and also Generac Power Systems dealer and certified installer.
I installed the Electric Saver 1200 and surge protector for all members of my family and for my customers. They are very satisfied and they have seen savings of 20 to 25% on average.

I have personally bought/installed for my own home too. I have Central air system, a pool , jacuzzi and sauna. I have savings in summer around $40 a month in winter around $25 a month.
I am very satisfied because I have a lot of savings and mostly security to my house.
I highly recommend this power saver and surge protector to every home and business owners.

~ Les O. from upstate New York

“Here is the photo of Myself and Suzy (Co-Owner of Grocery Store) I Built the wood cradle to hang the boxes on as this was a tight fit, Then had the electrician come in and wire it up. 24% reduction of electrical use. Now I have 6 weeks of data/meter readings, and Suzy is going to be a reference for me as I market to other businesses.

P.S. 1st month savings was $1700, She says they are going to throw “One Hell of a Christmas Party for the employees this year”  Gotta Love it.”

~ Thank you!
– Eric R. in NE

“It took me 10 minutes to install. I’ve noticed a savings on my billing cycles of about 15% to 20% . Something is better then nothing , works great. Thanks!

~ Matt M. from Chalfont, PA.​

“I love this unit as I have cut my bill over at least 85.00 and more a month since I installed it. The hookup was very easy to follow along with the directions. I would highly recommend this unit as I have 3 ton central air,  2 refrigerators 2 freezers and electric dryer.  This unit is a money saver. Customer Service is top notch and one of the best warranty in the industries.

~ Randy Bivens.

“I live in the North East Westchester County with Con Edison. I installed the ElectricSaver1200 on my a/c in the beginning of the summer ( May, which is typically the month my bill starts rising ) and saw an immediate drop of 11% usage. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but keep in mind this is the month my bill should start going up, not down. I am very happy with it and am telling all my friends.

~ Phil S in New York

“I’ve been very happy with my Electric Saver 1200.  I have one for me and my mother and it has cut our electric bill nearly half.  Have never regretted buying it.

~ Sherry “The Green Nurse”

“I am very happy with the product .
I’ve saved 10% on my electric bill and it was very easy to install.

~ Joe D. San Antonio, Texas”

“Trustworthy Product”

“My clients have been overwhelmingly impressed with their monthly savings using the Electric Saver, thank you Glenn and your team for such a trustworthy product.”

~ Perry L., Cincinnati Ohio,
Licensed Master Electrician

“Summertime it went from $550 a month, to $321, and winter it went from $320 a month, To $165 ”


“I am a retired National Defense electrical engineer and I installed my electric saver 1200 approximately 2 years ago and the savings have been Amazing!“

I would like to thank Electric Saver 1200 for all the savings since the installation. I found it to be a simple installation and marvelous savings.

I totally recommend everyone to get one. I am 100% satisfied. Why pay more for electric than you have to, thanks for the savings, I have told all my friends and relatives about this energy saver device, my brother purchased one after hearing about my savings, and he too is amazed at his savings! Thanks for a terrific American made product.”

~ Ronald L. Retired Electrical Engineer, New Jersey

“An instant drop of 15%!!!”


” I received the unit today and hooked it up in 20 min. I installed an amp meter on each of my main utility legs. Here are my readings of both 120 volt legs added together 40.7 amps with the electric saver turned off. 34.55 amps with it turned on. That is an instant drop of 6.15 amps. 6.15/40.7= 15%.

I turned it on and off several times and the results were the same.6.15 amps times 120 volts is 676.5 watts 24 hours a day. This computes to 486 kw in a month, and at 9 cents a kw, my monthly savings will be $43.74 x 25 years product life= $13,122 return on my investment. Needless to say, I am very pleased.”

~ THANK YOU! Bill G. in Ohio


“Tried it for myself! $350.00 a month before to $119.86!!!”


“ I want to thank Electric Saver 1200 for all the savings I have got since 2010.When I got my new house, I was paying $400 a month and after installing my electric saver 1200, my bill went to $260.I recommend it 100%! If you don’t have this product, you are paying way more than you should on your power bill!

To understand what electrical loads I have in my home, I thought I would list them. I have a home that was built in 1987 and it’s almost 2,000sqft, 4 bed 3 bath. I have:

1- 5 ton A/C

2 large pool pumps: a 2 hp and a 3/4 hp.

And our pool is about 50,000 gallons and about 10 ft deep, heated Pool and Hot Tub for 6 or so. We have a stand up deep freeze and Beer fridge in the Garage, which is highly inefficient. A Full sized double door fridge in the kitchen. 2 Wine fridges and a dorm fridge for the pool area.

All those electrical loads and more and my bill for this past month was awesome, as usual. We went away on a trip and my daughter and fiancee, house sat for us. They also saved up all of their laundry and washed non stop.

When we got May’s bill, we were surprised. It was $119.86, we were charged almost $10.00 for an under usage fee???? TXU will get theirs one way or another, right.. But that’s ok, my house is nice and cool and my bill is super low. We were around $350.00 a month before, not bad.

I installed 1 at the A/C Condenser outside and 1 at the panel and Electric Saver, did the rest. Thanks for the savings and a great product, we recommend it to all our customers.”

~ Jason, Electrical Contractor, Texas

“Down 100 Watts Immediately!”

“I received the unit last night. I quickly installed and connected it. I do have a TED monitor and immediately my consumption came down 100 watts.”Thank you!

~ Alfred R. in Atlanta, Ga

“$400 a month, after my bill went to $260!”


” We recommend the Electric Saver product line for everyone. Our customers brag about the energy saving and there is nothing like it. As an Electrical Contractor, I wouldn’t recommend installing anything without trying it for myself. And that is what I did!

Thanks a lot! “ ~ Mario Cordero, Texas

“Electric Bills have gone down 10-15% overall!”


” Thank you so much! With the ELECTRIC SAVER 1200 our electric bills have gone down 10-15% overall!. We bought two of them, one for house and one for the garage.

Being our bills come every two months that’s about $100.00 per billing cycle. Can’t believe the difference in our “before” and “after” bills.

We live in Mexico and even with subsidies from the local electrical provider our bills are sky high. Our friends down here also have your product and are taking about getting an Electric Saver 1200 for their home in the States! Keep up the good work! “

Jim, Mexico

“Electric Bill from $68 to $20- Thank you!”

“Just want to say thank you very much. I bought my unit and had it installed last month. My electric bill last month without your unit was $68. This month with it — $20.14. I will be ordering another unit for my mothers home. I have told some friends looks like they want one too.

Thanks again!”

~ Bob A. in Colorado


“I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly!”

review41“When I was introduced to the Electric Saver 1200 I was very skeptical. I was guaranteed my money back if I wasn’t happy with my results. I have a Towing Shop and my home is using the Electric Saver 1200. I have saved so much money the past couple years, way more then my investment. I know I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly for the rest of my life, I’m a very pleased customer of this product! THIS PRODUCT WORKS… Thank you!”

~ Matt J. in IL

“Lowered Kilowatt Hours from 1200 to 623kw = Happy Customers!”

“The two units we installed here one on an a/c unit and the other on a pool pump lowered the kilowatt hours for July from 1200kw to 623kw yikes some happy customers!!! Thanks again!

~ Ron M. in California

“Your Electric Saver saved me 28% in my Electric Bill. Wow!”

Ralph“I am very satisfied with my Electric Saver 1200unit which you installed on November 7, 2008. Your Electric Saver saved me 28% in my Electric Bill. Wow!”

Thank you! Ralph Escandar, Miami, FL

“Wow, what a difference!”

“I purchased an Electric Saver 1200 at the beginning of the summer. I installed it on on the load side of the relay on my 5 ton AC unit. Wow, what a difference. It worked so well I just ordered and recieved a second one. Thank You!”

~ Allen D. in Coalinga, CA

“When I installed your products I was getting 26% reduction in AMPS”

Jay“To reduce the peak demands of my customer’s power usage I always recommend installing electric savers before the solar PV is installed. This not just saves money but also by installing directly on motors the power requirements are less energy usage. This alone can save thousands of dollars for customers. Just one simple solution before the total solution.

One customer has 5 motors, 3 Air conditioners, one pool pump and a rather large fountain. Almost a year ago I switched out 140 old lights to CFL’s and installed your products directly to the motors. I let the home owner sit with these systems installed for a year. He calls me almost every month telling me he is saving over 50% over his last year utility bills. When I installed your products I was getting 26% reduction in AMPS. I went a checked again and as I suspected now the same motors are 29.92%.”

~ Jay M. of Utah

“It SAVES LOADS of watts wasted!”

“The Electric Saver 1200 helps save power. My first piece of equipment turns on and the Electric Saver 1200 supplements the SURGE(inrush) of power. This in itself saves loads of WATTS wasted on startup!Thanks!”

~ Anthony Rock


“At least 15%!”

“I stay pretty close with all my installs as it is my future in this business. If I don’t get good result at first (at least 15%), I go back and make sure they have the proper unit installed. Doing this has not let me down. Thanks again Glenn for your knowledge!”

~ Tim C. in Illinois

“The Electric Saver 1200 was the best investment I’ve ever made”

Gilmore“The Electric Saver 1200 was the best investment I’ve ever made. I have cut my electric bill by one third. Thank you!”

~ Mrs. Gilmore, Palm Springs, CA

“The unit really does work!!!”

Patsy-Moore“I purchased this unit about 1.5 years ago. The unit really does work!!! I was paying $78 to $85 monthly before unit was installed. I’m now paying around $59 monthly. Thank you!”

~ Patsy Moore from Georgia

“Light Bill Down $65!”

“The box I bought must be doing ok. We got our light bill and its down $65! Thanks!”

~ Gail M. in Missouri

“I am tickled pink with my Electric Saver 1200”

al-grey“I am tickled pink with my Electric Saver 1200. I received a $352.00 electric bill for the month of June 2014. I was bill for 1426 kWh. After semi-recovering from sticker shock I had a whole house fan installed in my home and my bill for July 2014 fell to $296.00 and 1254 kWh.

I bought an Electric Saver 1200 on 8 August 2014 and had installed and my bill fell to $167.00 and 856 kWh.”

~ Al Grey from California

“The BEST Money Can Buy- Electric Bill cut by 50%!”

“The best money can buy on saving your money. Bought the unit & it payed for itself the first month. It has been about a year now and I still love the unit.”

~ William Brown Jr. in Virginia

“I have saved about 15-18% on the power bill”


“I have had the Electric Saver installed for a year. During our hot Las Vegas summers, with air conditioning going day and night, I have saved about 15-18% on the power bill.

For me, it does the job. Our power company has increased rates, so the Electric Saver is a necessity here in the desert.”

~ Pat McGirl, Las Vegas, Nv.

“My monthly savings will be $43.74!”

“I received the unit today and hooked it up in 20 minutes. I installed an amp meter on each of my main utility legs. My readings of both 120 volt legs added together 40.7 amps with the Electric Saver device turned off. 34.55 amps with it turned on. That is an instant drop of 6.15 amps. 6.15/40.7= 15%. I turned it on and off several times and the results were the same. 6.15 amps times 120 volts is 676.5 watts 24 hours a day. This computes to 486 kw in a month, and at 9 cents a kw, my monthly savings will be $43.74.Needless to say, I am very pleased. Thank you!”

~ Bill Striker in Ohio

“The savings was better than expected”


“Good morning Glenn! Just to follow up on savers we have installed, after 3 months of electric bills, we were pleasantly excited the savings was better than expected.”

~ Terry B. Odessa,Texas

“15-40% saving from everyone so far!”

“I hooked it up directly to the heat pump and it dropped down to 12.9 amps from 14.5 amps, that’s an immediate 10% savings! I’ve installed around 15 to 20 of them. I’ve been seeing anywhere from 15 to 40 % savings from everyone so far.”

~ Gary Woodward

“Love Your Product!”


“Love your product, it’s an easy sell when we install a new A/C system or if the property has a pool. Anytime I can save a customer money off their power bill. I usually have been charging $250 for the 1200, but I am now going to charge $300 which I think is still fair because it works and still a great value for my customers. Thanks!”

~ Rob

Power Saver Reviews From All Over The World! And They Just Keep Coming…

“I KNOW the Electric Saver 1200 is saving me money”


“Everyone around me was skeptical when I first installed a unit in June 2011 but I figured I would hopefully make my money back within the year (there was the 1 Year 100% satisfaction).

It took less than 3 months to get my money back and the savings keep coming! I’m “a little OCD” so I have kept track of our utility usage since 2003.

I have average $70 a month savings AFTER installing (that was 3 years ago!) and I am a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!

With 6 children living at home and 2 refrigerators and freezers as well as every other electrical device in our house, I don’t feel guilty turning on a space heater in the winter or running the AC in the summer.

This is because I KNOW the Electric Saver 1200 is saving me money and I have the lower power bills to prove it! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

~ Angela C. from Colorado

“Seen a GREAT REDUCTION in our electric bill!”

“I have had the unit installed for about 2 years and have seen a great reduction in our electric bill.

Thank You!”

~ Mike Wilde

“I saved $60.00 extra with the electric saver”


“I have a 8 kilowatts photovoltaicsystem on my roof and I added electric saver 1200 and I saved $60.00 extra with the electric saver. July 2013, vs. July 2014.”

~ Ed B.

“My October Electric Bill was a whopping $27!”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the products and service that you have all provided and/or installed in my Pennsylvania home. Between my geothermal heating, a 3.4KW solar electric system, and the electric saver 1200, my October electric bill was a whopping $27! That includes my heat! I am looking forward to making further improvements with my hot water and expanding my solar system with a battery backup. Again, thanks for all the support!”

~ Joseph Fowler

“I have seen a great reduction in our electric bill”


“I have had the unit installed for about 2 years and have seen a great reduction in our electric bill. Thank You so much!”

~ Mike W., Pennsylvania

“I have reduced by own power bill by OVER 30%!”

“I installed one on an air compressor and the amperage draw on the motor dropped from 37 amps down to 33 amps. That installation is used only on that particular motor. I also installed another one directly on the service from my tests it looks pretty positive. I know that I have reduced my own bill by over 30%.

~ David F. in New York


“Thumbs up on Customer Service!!!”


“I just wanted to say thanks for the quick repair service and return of my unit. For being several states away you took care of business and I just wanted to say thanks again! Thumbs up on customer service!!!”

~ Kelly B., Tennessee

“FPL Bill is down by $100!”

“I bought 2 units. One installed on each main ac unit.
Both units are on opposite sides of the house & both are furthest point from the one meter. I got my first monthly bill since installing and my bill is down $100!
Thank you so much Glenn.”

~ Rich Thomas in FL

“Your product does just what you said”


“I just want to say thank you. Your product does just what you said. Installed it in May saw a reduction every month after. Utility bill down over a hundred dollars and falling. Had an electrician friend of mine do the install. You Guys Rock!!”

~ Zizza C., New York

“Your Newsletters are awesome!!!”

I’m waiting for my custom labels so I can start selling. In the meantime I have learned SO MUCH!!!”

Thanks, Luis B. in CA

“My Electric Bill was cut in half!”

Great product, great price, easy to install by my brother in law. He wants one now after I told him how much I save on my electric bill. The unit paid for itself in the first month.”

~ Bill from Virginia

“My first month’s savings was an astounding 16%”

“In the 30 day test cycle my bill and usage was 16% less than otherwise it would have been.”

Rusty Evans, Canton, MA


“I have made my money back in less than”

“I installed this and believe I have made my money back in less than 60 days!“

Mike R., North Carolina

“Just got our 1st Electric Bill and already see savings!”

“Thanks a million!”

Paula H., Wisconsin

“Hooked up & saw drop in total amps drawn. It works!”

“Very Fast Delivery! Hooked up & saw drop in total amps drawn. It works! Recommended!”

Ron D., Texas

“Kilowatts per Day down 17%”

“For July 2010 vs. July 2009 – NO other electrical/home changes. A++ deal”

Mitch D., Texas

“The LOWEST electric bill I have hadsince I bought the house in 2009”

“Just a note to let you know that after installing one of these on the breaker that goes to the panel in the garage, that feeds the pool pump- My electric bill from usual 1200KW to only 753KW…. The LOWEST electric bill I had since I bought the house in 2009”

I think I’ll get another one & put it on the breaker to the AC next…. THANKS!



“We have had Electric Saver 1200 for about 10 Years”

“We have had the electric saver 1200 for about 10 years and have had big savings on our electric bill of around 25% and are purchasing a 1400 because of larger electric needs in Fla. and hope to save even more.

We have family and friends from up north that just love the savings too.”

~ K. Schwartz of Florida

“We installed in our 3 rental homes and have cut our cost 25% on average”

Steven-Goldstein-in-Florida“We have had our electric saver 1200 for 3 years and can not live with out it. We have compared it to our home before we installed it and it and are saving at least 75.00 a month in energy costs.

We have also installed in our 3 rental homes and have cut our costs 25% on average. Easy to install and a huge money saver!! I can’t understand why any one would not have one? Thanks for helping us go on vacation this year with the savings.

~ Steven Goldstein in Florida

“My quarterly electricity bill was 18% lower than the previous period!”

“I just wanted to let you know my quarterly electricity bill has arrived and it was 18% lower than the previous period. It was A$316 compared to A$372, giving me an annual saving of A$225 or 10-year saving of A$2250.

Thank you for helping me reduce my electricity bill. Your product is definitely good value for money.”

~ Richard S. in Australia

“Electric savings have been around 10-15% a month”

C.-Halverson-Kansas“Well I purchased the Electric Saver 1200 a few years back and it was pretty easy to mount and attach. The electric savings have been around 10-15% a month, and have added up over the months the savings to be worth it alone. In the past my electric bills was to be well over two to three hundred dollars every bill cycle.

Summer time is especially hard for the AC to run and keeping the house cool and not so easy on the wallet. Given the ease of installation and the passive saving over time, I would say I am very happy with this investment and would recommend to anyone I know looking to save on energy.

~ C. Halverson in Kansas

“Saved Me 30%- 50% on my Electricity Bills”

Dr.-Patrick-Walsh-California“I’ve had my Electric Saver for a couple of years and tried to explain to my electrician and friends how it saves me between 30% – 50% on my electricity bills. It’s hard to tell exactly what amount of savings because of the changes of season and actual usage each month.

When people ask me how does it work, I tried to tell them it works with all the motors and electricity throughout the whole house and people just stared at me. So, what I have told people is like it’s like the PINK TOOTHPICKS I put in the front yard to keep elephants away. I don’t know how that works but I don’t have any elephants in the front yard! After that I tell them to get the specifics go to your website Saving Electricity: How to Save Electricity up to 25+% and it will give the technical data. All I know is my electricity bills are much lower since I had the unit installed. I attached a picture below of the unit installed above the electrical panel. Your device really makes a difference!

~ Dr. Patrick Walsh in California

“My bill has continued to decrease by $21-$28 each month!”

“I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to do business with you all. I purchased the Electric Saver 1200 and I must say I am very pleased with the outcome of this product. My bill was originally about $380.00 and over the four month period of me using your merchandise it has continue to decrease approximately by $21.00 to $28.00 each month. The Electric Saver 1200 was a huge relief for me and I would happily recommend it to anyone. Thank you for the amazing product!”

~ Alvin Williams


“I am saving about 20% on my monthly bill”


“Just me relaxing after installing my Electric Saver 1200. Installation takes 20 minutes . I run a small fab shop from my home: welders, grinders and a lot of hand tools, with high power startup’s.

On average I am saving about 20% on my monthly bill. I have tested the claims of power correction and they in fact are true. Hook your meter up and watch the results for your self. Great Product, thank you!”

~ Gary F.

“One of the best long term investments I’ve ever made.”

“I purchased an Electric Saver back in 2008 because I felt my electric cost were too high and I needed away to have some control over my monthly electric cost. After exploring my options of devices that professed to make a difference – I selected the Electric Saver 1200 because I felt it was worth the gamble! Not only was it worth the gamble is was one of the best long term investments I’ve ever made.”

~ Bob Alexander

“I saw an IMMEDIATE REDUCTION in kwh reading on my power companies meter”


“Install went smooth. Works great. I saw an immediate reduction in kwh reading on my power companies meter. The kwh rate at the meter went from 0.875 to 0.482 upon switching the breaker on that had the Electric Saver 1200 on it.

I was running my cooler, the bathroom mirror lights, a fan in the front room, my fridge, and my computer. Great product.
Thank you!”

~ Anthony P. in California

“The Electric Saver 1200 is one of the best additions to my home”


“The Electric Saver 1200 is one of the best additions to my home. It has paid for itself in one short year in reduced electric bills!
I have well pump, air conditioner etc. With the electric saver connected, the lights did not dim anymore. This tells me my equipment is starting more efficient. You will not be disappointed. Thank You!”

~ Eric D. in Ohio

“I saved $55.71!”

“After installing my Electric Saver 1200 my bill dropped $232.65 to $177.04 I saved $55.71 just under 25%. Thank you!”

~ Daniel G Thomas

“About a 10% Savings! Thank you.”

es1200-installed“These are the finding on the installation of our Electric Saver Units…
There were 8 units of AC in different room, a washing machine, dryer, water heater and cooker. The AC were switch on for our test and these were the findings:
Before the installation of the 3100 unit the reeding on amps were;
25.0 24.6 30.0 amps

After the installation of the 3100 unit, the readings when it was on were;
21.1 22.0 28.8 amps
That’s about a 10% Savings! Thank you.”

~ Theophilus E. in Ghana, Africa

“We enjoy extra cash from 20 to 30% SAVINGS ”

Nora-F.-in-California “I just wanted to give you an update on the Electric Saver 1200 we purchase 3 years ago. It was really simple to install. It only took about 30 minutes to install and my husband isn’t very electrical savvy either. It is still going strong and we are very happy with it. Our neighbors who have similar sized homes always seem to have higher bills like we used to. Our reduction every month is averaging in the 20 to 30 percent range and we sure enjoy the extra cash we save from it. I would recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who wants to lower their electric bill and reduce their carbon foot print.”

~ Nora F. in California

“I know your unit works!”

“I am a retired General Contractor and I know that your unit works, in the past I have lost computers, TV’s, refrigerator circuit boards, etc. from power outages and surges on a regular basis, so many in fact I put a 14K genrac standby genrator on my home. It’s about 3600 sq ft, spas, 4 refrigerators/freezers, two separated HVAC’s, and two 6500 cfm swamp coolers, and I have, despite the solar noticed a good drop in my electric usage…I know your unit works!”

~ David Jackson


“It help us SAVE our hard earned dollar even here in paradise”

es-1200-installed“I just installed the second unit at my pool pump. I checked the AMP reading before I installed this unit, and the pump was pulling 12.15 AMPs, note, I have a 1200 unit already installed at the meter base of the house.

I quickly installed the 1100 unit at the line side of the pool pump and I then switched it back on and took another reading. The AMP reading dropped to 10.75 AMPs, a savings of 1.4 AMPs.

Our reduction every month is averaging in the 20 to 30 percent range and we sure enjoy the extra cash we save from it. I would recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who wants to lower their electric bill and reduce their carbon foot print.”

~ Michael H. in Hawaii

“16% Savings between last year and this year!”

Mr. & Mrs. Bridges“I have gotten 16% savings between this year with the Electric Saver 1200 device and last year without the Saver. It works!
799 kWh used in April 2014
685 kWh used in April 2015

922 kWh used in May 2014
778 kWh used in May 2015″

~ Mr. & Mrs. Bridges in Oklahoma

“From $200 to $160 I was VERY IMPRESSED with the results”

Bill-E.-in-Florida- “I was hesitant in the beginning when buying 10 Electric Saver 1200’s. I installed the first one on my home at the AC unit, as your video has shown. The install was quick and easy, and the savings was almost instant on our first bill. The unit was installed in the middle of a billing cycle, but we still noticed a difference in our billing. Living in Florida, our Air is running all year long, so any savings is a Godsend.

Our monthly bill is a norm of approx. $185.00. After installing the Electric Saver 1100 our bill in just 2 weeks dropped to $170.00. The following month our bill for August (which is usually a bill over $200) was $160.00. I was very impressed with the results I was getting. With these numbers I began installing the units in homes that were having AC systems installed. I actually have a friend who partnered in with me to do the installs a while back. He owns his own AC company and we installed units when we installed the new AC. Was a nice set up. I normally put the units on the AC itself, but some customers wanted them mounted at the electrical panel in garage (outside of view). The savings was not as much as I have seen directly hooked up at the AC itself, but what I did see was about a 10% savings at the electrical box compared to a 17%-20% savings if hooked to AC directly.

These were not a hard sale after I showed a picture of one installed at my home with a copy of 3 electric bills before/after installation. Thanks so much for a great product.”

~ Bill E. in Florida

“After installing, it becomes NICE and SMOOTH!”

“Before installing the ES100 on my outside condensing unit it used to make a bang when coming on. After installing, it comes on nice and smooth.

~ Joseph P. in South Carolina

“They are VERY HAPPY with 8-12% bill reduction”

Alex-S.-in-Texas “In the last couple of years I have purchased and installed 6 PowerSavers1200.
The units have been purchased for myself and a few friends that wanted to save money on their electric bill.

The units are compact and very easy to handle. I have installed all of them directly into the house distribution panel (and that is because it made more sense to use the whole house approach).
Installation? Was a breeze. Even if you are not a professional but have a decent understanding of your house electrical system, you will be able to do it safely and fast.

In most places opening the distribution requires a licensed electrician and I do advise to check and make sure you are following the rules.
So installation is about 45 minutes from start to finish (probably another 15 minutes to gather the tools).
Since I have installed the units for friends I did not make any money, but I could have easily charged $200.00 per install.

Now for the real reason on installing the units; money saving.
Personally at my house I have seen around 6% electric bill decrease in a year (same provider same per kW cost for almost 2 years).
A couple of my friends also monitored their electric bill and they very happy with 8-12% bill reduction. The rest (that did not monitor) simply enjoyed savings behind the scenes.

I am thinking this year to be more pro-active in this endeavor and based on word of mouth here among my neighbors to start installing the units at a profit. It would make for a great side job (plus I enjoy the work).
Would I recommend this to others? I hope that me doing this pro bonus answers the question.

~ Alex S. in Texas

“It saved 14.9% just as you advertised!”

“I installed two of your units in two separate locations to see if they do what you claim they do. It took almost no time to install and I am not an electrician. The results came back and they saved 14.9% just as you advertised.
I am starting to sell a lot more of these with and am having real success as my customers tell others about their savings. Thank you for making this product and opportunity available so an easy going retired guy like me can make a few dollars helping people out in his spare time.”

~ Don G. in Indiana

“I noticed a $20.00 drop each Month”

Mike-Smith-in-Utah “I purchased an Electric Saver 1200 a couple years back. It only took me 30 minutes to install, it was really easy. What I noticed first is my electric motors run smoother, some are quieter. My 21 gallon 2 hp compressor starts up much better now that I have the ElectricSaver1200.

I also have a pool pump that runs quite a bit in the summer.It has saved me money on that as well. I noticed a $20.00 drop each Month starting the first Month I turned it on.

I have pumps, air conditioning, fans, compressors, tools, heaters, fridge, freezer, ECT that certainly have benefited from this product.

I also noticed my voltage stays at 120V now, before it jumped anywhere from 114V to 133V which would cause premature failure of electronics and we don’t see that anymore (my location seems to have really dirty power).”

~ Mike Smith in Utah

“I am saving between 8% to 10% on my Electric Bill”

Bill-W.-in-Indiana“I received my Electric Saver 1200 about two years ago. Installation was relatively easy and straightforward, just as stated in the instructions. Following installation I turned on the unit and watched my electric bills.

From what I can tell I am saving between 8% to 10% on my electric bill. For that I am pleased. I live in IN. I am 84 years old, and if I can install this, surely you can also.”

~ Bill W. in Indiana

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“They are HAPPY with the results on their power bills!”

“My name is Lee and I am an Electrical Contractor in Louisiana. We have been offering your ElectrcSaver1200’s to our customers and are finding that they are easy to sell and so far our customers are happy with the results on their power bills. Looking forward to a great year with the extra profit this adds to my bottom line. Thank you!”

~ Lee C. Electrical Contractor in Louisiana


“I am saving over $75.00 a month”

Gonzalo-C.-in-Arizona​“About 4 years ago I purchased several boxes from him, taking a chance that nothing would come of my purchase. But I have to tell you that from month 1 until now I have been experiencing from 20% to 25% discounts on my electric bill. I live in Arizona where we depend on A/C for 7 months a year minimum and I would say I am saving over $75.00 a month.”

I am so glad I decided to install these on my house and my family members house. I am a realtor and I recommend these to all my buyers when they purchase a house. But I have to say I am impressed with the patience of Glenn in explaining the product and how to install it. It was pretty easy to install, any handy person can do it.”
~ Gonzalo C. in Arizona

“They have documented an electric savings of from 14% – 18%”

“At the end of 2012 we installed twenty-two three phase units at a local health-care facility. Since that installation, they have documented an electric savings of from 14% – 18%. They have been very happy with the installation.”

~ Dennis D. in Wisconsin

“Saving $15-$20 a month, WORTH THE INVESTMENT”

Kevin-T.-in-New-York “When I first saw the Electric Saver 1200, I thought it was a good idea and researched it on you tube. I tried one and it was very easy to hook up. PRETTY MUCH
2) IF YOU OWN A SCREW DRIVER your pretty well set.

It saves me about $15-$20 a month, so I can honestly say it was well worth the investment. Thank you electric saver!”

~ Kevin T. in New York

“All my customers are HAPPY WITH THEIR SAVINGS!”

“I have been installing ElectricSaver1200’s now for about 7 years. I always seem to run into some electrician or some “expert” that tells me that it doesn’t work. Or that his math says it doesn’t save anything. I would almost believe them if it weren’t for all the happy customers I have installed them for.

I always ask the naysayer “Well, how come all my customers are happy with their savings? I have scores of them that thank me for saving them money every month. I have actual electric bills from customers that are saving anywhere from 10% all the way up to 33%. Where are YOUR test results?” I get a kick out of the blank stare that always follows.

Also when adding with a solar system the payback and savings is greatly improved. In all my years installing Electric Saver 1200 and customer knowing that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have taken back only 1. You know that no matter what you do that you cannot please everyone. I love supporting a company that is an American family owned and operated business and manufactures these in the USA. Thanks Glenn for a great product that works as advertised.”

~ Charles B. in Virginia

“Tried other products but Electric Saver 1200 gives me the BEST RESULTS.”

Grover-S.-in-Texas- “I have been using the ELECTRIC SAVER 1200 since October 2012 our electric bills have gone down 10-15% .
This means we have seen a savings of $20-30 dollars per month.

I live in Texas and our A/C units run year round anything that will save me money on my electrical bill is great.

I have tried other products but the Electric Saver 1200 has given me the best results. Keep up the good work. Thank you for helping me save on my electrical bill.”

~ Grover S. in Texas

“My first month electric bill went from $385 to $184”

John Connor“I am very satisfied with my Electric Saver 1200 unit which was installed in my home. My first month electric bill went from 385.00 to 184.00 the Electric Saver 1200 saved me approx 15% on my bill. I am also encouraging my family and friends to take advantage of these energy savings. I also feel real good about helping the environment.”

~ Thanks from John Connor

“Thank you so much for a wonderful product!”

““I have an Electric Saver 1200 at home and work and I save a bundle. I also sell and have installed dozens and I am building a team of satisfied customers! Thank you so much for a wonderful product. ”

~ Gary F.

“A 19% Drop on my compressor! ”

“After retiring on June 30, 2015 I noticed my electric bill for the month of July was higher. Then it dawned on me, during the month of July I was running my big 60 gallon 220v air compressor almost daily, for several hours a day. That is something I never did before July 1st. So I installed another power saver on the air compressor itself. But the power saver only comes on when the compressor is running since I installed it on the motor side in the contacts box. Before the power saver, my compressor was drawing 13.8 amps and after I got the power saver installed, the amps being drawn dropped down to 11.16 amps. That’s a 2.6 difference which equals over a 19% drop. That’s a big savings! This is the first time ever my electric company has said I am better than efficient, usually much higher. (see attached image)” butch-review

~ Butch B. in Oklahoma


“Consistent 17% REDUCTION in my over all power bill”

Fernando-M.-in-California“I first want to say I was skeptical about this product and the results that Electric Saver 1200 claims to give. But with a one year money back guarantee and a good rating with the BBB I figured it was worth a shot. Installation was pretty easy (and I must say I am no electrician by any means). Well, several months later I am seeing a pretty consistent 17% reduction in my over all power bill. Although I didn’t get the full 25% I had hoped for I can say I am please with the results I am getting and because of that I signed up to be a dealer. My customers are now seeing similar savings (one even got 28%) and are happy as well. It’s a great product at a great price and it really feels good helping people. Thank You!”

~ Fernando M. in California

“GREAT PRODUCT! It saved me $97!”

“Great product just got my first electric bill with the Electric Saver device installed and it saved me $97. That is a savings of 26% from last months bill. Thank you for an awesome product.”

~ Hector G. in Florida

“Product is working well. Thank You!”

“Product is being used to avoid fluctuating power supply in India and is working well. Thank you!”

~ Rajiv Ghai in India

“Distributor Success with Local Business 30% Savings!”

Edward-Kee-in-Colorado“I am a true believer!!! My Energy Saver box was installed in my store in November 2014 and I’m seeing a very good savings of 30%. Thank you very much for bringing this product to me and my business. I think everyone should have one. The savings is GREAT!”

~ Very Satisfied Consumer,
Edward Kee in Colorado

“Worked as advertised. Thank you!”

“Had a lightening strike near house Thurs evening. Instantly knocked out power. Only things affected were a computer modem and HDMI output to television from Dish TV box. Telephone co. replaced modem because junction box was not wired correctly outside of house. I believe the ElectricSaver kept everything else from damage. Worked as advertised. Thank You!”

~ Stephen W. in Ohio

“Easily Saved me 10-15% on my Electric Bill!”

Mark-R.-in-California“Installed the Electric Saver 1200 two years ago on our air conditioner and immediately saw the load drop a whopping 28%! This is a great device that has easily saved me 10-15% on my electric bill!!”

~ Mark R. in California

“It SAVES ME $35 on electric bill!”

“I had installed the Electric Saver 1200 unit and it saves me $35 on electric bill Thanks!”

~ Joe E. in Indiana

“After seeing a 10-14% reduction each month, I was a Believer!”

Bill-Young-Georgia“I purchased my first Electric Saver 1200 in 2011 after reading some articles and reviews online. After seeing a 10-14% reduction each month on our electricity usage, I was a believer! Now friends, parents, grandparents, co-workers now have an Electric Saver 1200. I will never own another home without one! Thanks!”

~ Bill Young in Georgia

“The savings have been between 20 – 30% of the previous electric usage.”

“I have now examined the results of my companies’ power factor correction installations(electric bills), and the evidence of savings is very good and consistent. I have installed the Energy Saver in many different locations: restaurants, convenience stores, cleaners, laundry, food stores and the savings have been between 20 -30% of the previous electric usage. I look forward to another good year for power factor correction and the HVAC efficiency unit. Thank you for your good service.” Cordially,

Don G. in Indiana

“We saw 31% saving on our first bill!”

“We got our first full bill and we saw a 31% saving. Now you have to know that my wife is a CPA and she can get a dime out of a penny (just kidding). On our last bill it showed total KWH 2500 Year before KWH 3787, avg. KWH/day 83 Year before 122, cost per day $9.86 Year before $14.08. We had all of our Christmas Lights (inside & out) on and flood lights, as well as leaving inside lights on so my wife would not come home to a dark house, as it was always after dark when she got off from work. You do the math, I believe it was a little over 31% savings. My mechanic friend said that it wasn’t as cold as it has been and I countered with the cost per day $9.86 verses $14.08 last year. Do you think the power company lowered my cost per day? NO was his answer. Enough said.”

~ Jerry Y. in Alabama


“Thank you for your USA made products!”

Buzz-K.-of-Georgia“We have purchased and installed 3 Electric Saver1200’s in our properties and they saved us on average across all 3 properties 10% on electrical usage. We have sold and installed several more of them for other commercial and residential property owners and everyone of them sings the praises of power savings.

It is a great product for word of mouth recommendations and for helping the american economy get back on it’s feet.
Thank you for your USA made products!”

~ Buzz K. of Georgia

“A TOOL that keeps on giving”

“Years ago I purchased the Units for my home as well as most of our family’s homes. They work great & we have not given the cost of the unit a second thought after installation. We consider it a TOOL that keeps on giving. “

~ Mark C.

“It’s been SAVING ME 27% on my electric bill for 6 Years!”

“I have a Power Saver on my house and it’s been saving me 27% on my electric bill for the past 6 years. I’m retire aircraft mechanic from the U S Air Force and have my house in Pahoa, Hawaii. I’ve been on the road for the past 10 years and looking at something to do at home. Hawaii has the highest utility costs in the Nation and I’d like to help others save their hard earned money too. Didn’t know how long it would take me to install so had friend come by and time my first install and it was 18 minutes. Flipped the breaker and 27% reduction in power usage. My box was paid for in three months.

So, now it’s time to think about living in my house and working from home.”

~ Thanks, Mike H. in Hawaii

In my home the savings is more like 35%to 40%!

Andy-P.-in-Texas“I have a 4,000 square-foot home in the country and my power comes from a co-op. My Digital Electric Meter displays the power delivered to my home and the power received from my wind generators. The wind generators do not provide as much power back to the meter as I thought they would.

I believe the bulk of my savings comes from the Power Saver 1200. Because my home is so big I have at least two of everything; two water heaters, two refrigerators, two freezers, 5 televisions, two computers and two 4-ton air conditioner units. My home is all electric. Electric Saver advertises a 25% savings on your bill but I think with the amount of appliances I use in my home the savings is more like 35% to 40%. This is a very good product!”

Thank you,

~ Andy P. in Texas

“Great Product at a Great Price!

Dave-L.-in-FL“Our customers tell us about the energy savings they receive. This is a great product at a great price.”

~ Dave L. in FL

“Saved $30! Great USA Products

Marlon-C.-in-Texas“The unit saved me about 30.00 dollars a month not bad at all. The unit work so well that my Dad had me order an additional 10 units. My dad was very pleased with all units. Thank you for the great products built in USA.

~ Marlon C. in Texas

“A difference of $43.45

David-Arroyo-in-Puerto-Rico“I was paying $243.35 monthly, but when I connect my Electric Saver 1200 next month I paid $199.90 a difference of $43.45. The good thing is the instruction to install it was easy to follow. Then I tell my friends, neighbors, and coworker, and the ones who bought it, they are very happy too.”

~ David A. in Puerto Rico


“My clients are seeing results of 20% on average.

Joe-C.-in-Ohio“I would like to thank you for building a quality product right here in the USA. These units work great. My clients are seeing results of 20% on average. Each unit pays for itself in approx. 3-4 months. My customers are excited about the money they are saving each month.”

~ Joe C. in Ohio

“A 30% Savings!

“I installed an Electric Saver 1200 Saturday. He has a 200 Amp service box on the outside wall of his home. That’s all, no other service boxes. I installed the unit on the A/C breaker. Before install the reading was 12.1 amps. After install the reading was a little over 9 amps. That’s a 30% savings, thanks so much!”

~ Butch B. in Oklahoma

“Our bill is down by $50 a month!

Dan-Kritzman-Ortonville-M“Our DTE (Electronic Bill) was over $300.00. After one year, our bill is down by $50.00 a month. We have been using the Electric Saver for about 5 years. We love it!!
We have no issue with the power. If we have any questions Glenn is more the happy to answer them. We could not be happier with this product.”

~ Joe C. in Ohio

“Electricity bills from $250 to $160!

Chuck-C.-in-Colorado“This product does everything that it says it will; personally I have seen a reduction in my home usage averaging out to be 25% monthly. We run a hot tub and a central air conditioning unit which as we all know pulls a lot of electricity, the 25% has made my once $225.00 to $250.00 a month electric bills down to a manageable $160.00 to $170.00 a month.

This box paid for itself in less than three months and I was sold on the box and became very intrigued, wanting to learn more about the potential usage to help people that I know in my community.

I would without hesitation recommend this product for anyone who is interested in cutting back on costs associated with electricity usage. As we all know the only thing that seems to a continual, is that prices go up and generally wages and/or retirement doesn’t keep up with increases that us as consumers have to pay. If you are looking for a way to cut back on costs this is the product to go to, you will not be disappointed!~ Chuck C. in Colorado


“My Sister is saving 40%

Your friends in Nicaragua“I installed for my sister in Nicaragua and she is saving 40% and
I installed on my house and I am saving a lot too.

Thank you so much for your product. I am very happy with it.”

~ Your friends in Nicaragua