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“An instant drop of 15%!!!”Power Save 1200 Review

” I received the unit today and hooked it up in 20 min. I installed an amp meter on each of my main utility legs. Here is my readings of both 120 volt legs added together 40.7 amps with the electric saver turned off. 34.55 amps with it turned on. That is an instant drop of 6.15 amps. 6.15/40.7= 15%.

I turned it on and off several times and the results were the same.
6.15 amps times 120 volts is 676.5 watts 24 hours a day. This computes to 486 kw in a month, and at 9 cents a kw, my monthly savings will be $43.74 x 25 years product life= $13,122 return on my investment.
Needless to say, i am very pleased.”

~ THANK YOU!  Bill G. in Ohio


Electric Saver Reviews

“Tried it for myself! $350.00 a month before to $119.86!!!” Powersaver testimonial

” We recommend the Electric Saver product line for everyone.
Our customers brag about the energy saving and there is nothing like it. As an Electrical Contractor, I wouldn’t recommend installing anything without trying it for myself. And that is what I did!

To understand what electrical loads I have in my home, I thought I would list them. I have a home that was built in 1987 and it’s almost 2,000sqft, 4 bed 3 bath. I have:

1- 5 ton A/C
2 large pool pumps: a 2 hp and a 3/4 hp.
And our pool is about 50,000 gallons and about 10 ft deep, heated Pool and Hot Tub for 6 or so. We have a stand up deep freeze and Beer fridge in the Garage, which is highly inefficient. A Full sized double door fridge in the kitchen. 2 Wine fridges and a dorm fridge for the pool area.

All those electrical loads and more and my bill for this past month was awesome, as usual. We went away on a trip and my daughter and fiancee, house sat for us. They also saved up all of their laundry and washed non stop.

When we got May’s bill, we were surprised. It was $119.86, we were charged almost $10.00 for an under usage fee???? TXU will get theirs one way or another, right.. But that’s ok, my house is nice and cool and my bill is super low. We were around $350.00 a month before, not bad.

I installed 1 at the A/C Condenser outside and 1 at the panel and Electric Saver, did the rest. Thanks for the savings and a great product, we recommend it to all our customers.”

~ Jason, Electrical Contractor, Texas


$400 a month, after my bill went to $260!” power saver 1200 rating

“ I want to thank Electric Saver 1200 for all the savings I have got since 2010.
When I got my new house, I was paying $400 a month and after installing my electric saver 1200, my bill went to $260.
I recommend it 100%! If you don’t have this product, you are paying way more than you should on your power bill!

Thanks a lot! “ ~ Mario Cordero, Texas


“Electric Bills have gone down 10-15% overall!” testimonial of power saver 1200

” Thank you so much!  With the ELECTRIC SAVER 1200 our electric bills have gone down 10-15% overall!.  We bought two of them, one for house and one for the garage.

Being our bills come every two months that’s about $100.00 per billing cycle. Can’t believe the difference in our “before” and “after” bills.

We live in Mexico and even with subsidies from the local electrical provider our bills are sky high. Our friends down here also have your product and are taking about getting an Electric Saver 1200 for their home in the States! Keep up the good work! “

Jim, Mexico


I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly! Electricity Saver review

“When I was introduced to the Electric Saver 1200 I was very skeptical. I was guaranteed my money back if I wasn’t happy with my results.

I have a Towing Shop and my home is using the Electric Saver 1200. I have saved so much money the past couple years, way more then my investment.

I know I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly for the rest of my life, I’m a very pleased customer of this product! THIS PRODUCT WORKS… Thank you!”

~ Matt J. in IL


Your Electric Saver saved me 28% in my Electric Bill. Wow!” 

KVAR Testimonial“I am very satisfied with my Electric Saver 1200unit which you installed on November 7, 2008. Your Electric Saver saved me 28% in my Electric Bill. Wow!”

Thank you! Ralph Escandar, Miami, FL


When I installed your products I was getting 26% reduction in AMPS” 

Electric Saver 1200 Testimonial“To reduce the peak demands of my customer’s power usage I always recommend installing electric savers before the solar PV is installed. This not just saves money but also by installing directly on motors the power requirements are less energy usage. This alone can save thousands of dollars for customers. Just one simple solution before the total solution.

One customer has 5 motors, 3 Air conditions, one pool pump and a rather large fountain. Almost a year ago I switched out 140 old lights to CFL’s and installed your products directly to the motors. I let the home owner sit with these systems installed for a year. He calls me almost every month telling me he is saving over 50% over his last year utility bills. When I installed your products I was getting 26% reduction in AMPS. I went a checked again and as I suspected now the same motors are 29.92%.”

~ Jay M. of Utah


Trustworthy Product” 

power save review“My clients have been overwhelmingly impressed with their monthly savings using the Electric Saver, thank you Glenn and your team for such a trustworthy product.”

~ Perry L., Cincinnati Ohio,
Licensed Master Electrician


The Electric Saver 1200 was the best investment I’ve ever made” 

Mrs. Gilmore reviews Electric Saver 1200 product“The Electric Saver 1200 was the best investment I’ve ever made. I have cut my electric bill by one third.
Thank you!”

~ Mrs. Gilmore, Palm Springs, CA


The unit really does work!!!” 

Patsy-Moore power saver 1200 product review“I purchased this unit about 1.5 years ago. The unit really does work!!! I was paying $78 to $85 monthly before unit was installed. I’m now paying around $59 monthly. Thank you!”

~ Patsy Moore from Georgia


I am tickled pink with my Electric Saver 1200” 

al-grey rates the Electric Saver“I am tickled pink with my Electric Saver 1200. I received a $352.00 electric bill for the month of June 2014. I was bill for 1426 kWh. After semi-recovering from sticker shock I had a whole house fan installed in my home and my bill for July 2014 fell to $296.00 and 1254 kWh.

I bought an Electric Saver 1200 on 8 August 2014 and had installed and my bill fell to $167.00 and 856 kWh.”

~ Al Grey from California


I have saved about 15-18% on the power bill” 

pat-mcgirl Power Saver 1200 Review“I have had the Electric Saver installed for a year. During our hot Las Vegas summers, with air conditioning going day and night, I have saved about 15-18% on the power bill.

For me, it does the job. Our power company has increased rates, so the Electric Saver is a necessity here in the desert.”

~ Pat McGirl, Las Vegas, Nv.


The savings was better than expected” 

Terry kvar review“Good morning Glenn! Just to follow up on savers we have installed, after 3 months of electric bills, we were pleasantly excited the savings was better than expected.”

~ Terry B. Odessa,Texas


Love Your Product!” 

Rob reviews the Power Saver 1200“Love your product, it’s an easy sell when we install a new A/C system or if the property has a pool. Anytime I can save a customer money off their power bill. I usually have been charging $250 for the 1200, but I am now going to charge $300 which I think is still fair because it works and still a great value for my customers. Thanks!”

~ Rob


I KNOW the Electric Saver 1200 is saving me money” 

Angela-C testimonial of Electricity Saver 1200“Everyone around me was skeptical when I first installed a unit in June 2011 but I figured I would hopefully make my money back within the year (there was the 1 Year 100% satisfaction).

It took less than 3 months to get my money back and the savings keep coming! I’m “a little OCD” so I have kept track of our utility usage since 2003.

I have average $70 a month savings AFTER installing (that was 3 years ago!) and I am a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!

With 6 children living at home and 2 refrigerators and freezers as well as every other electrical device in our house, I don’t feel guilty turning on a space heater in the winter or running the AC in the summer.

This is because I KNOW the Electric Saver 1200 is saving me money and I have the lower power bills to prove it! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

~ Angela C. from Colorado


I saved $60.00 extra with the electric saver” 

Green Electricity Saver rating“I have a 8 kilowatts photovoltaicsystem on my roof and I added electric saver 1200 and I saved $60.00 extra with the electric saver. July 2013, vs. July 2014.”

~ Ed B.


I have seen a great reduction in our electric bill” 

Mike W product reveiw of Electric saver“I have had the unit installed for about 2 years and have seen a great reduction in our electric bill. Thank You so much!”

~ Mike W., Pennsylvania


Thumbs up on Customer Service!!!” 

Kelly-B gives testimonial on Power Saver 1200 device“I just wanted to say thanks for the quick repair service and return of my unit. For being several states away you took care of business and I just wanted to say thanks again! Thumbs up on customer service!!!”

~ Kelly B., Tennessee


Your product does just what you said” 

Zizza-C rates & gives review of our KVAR device“I just want to say thank you. Your product does just what you said. Installed it in May saw a reduction every month after. Utility bill down over a hundred dollars and falling. Had an electrician friend of mine do the install. You Guys Rock!!”

~ Zizza C., New York


Your Newsletters are awesome!!!

 I’m waiting for my custom labels so I can start selling. In the meantime I have learned SO MUCH!!!”

Thanks, Luis B. in CA


My Electric Bill was cut in half! 

Great product, great price, easy to install by my brother in law. He wants one now after I told him how much I save on my electric bill. The unit paid for itself in the first month.”

~ William J. in FL


My first month’s savings was an astounding 16%” 

“In the 30 day test cycle my bill and usage was 16% less than otherwise it would have been.”

Rusty Evans, Canton, MA


I have made my money back in less than 60 days!” 

“I installed this and believe I have made my money back in less than 60 days!

Mike R., North Carolina


Just got our 1st Electric Bill and already see savings!” 

“Thanks a million!”

Paula H., Wisconsin


Hooked up & saw drop in total amps drawn. It works!” 

“Very Fast Delivery! Hooked up & saw drop in total amps drawn. It works! Recommended!”

Ron D., Texas


Kilowatts per Day down 17%” 

“For July 2010 vs. July 2009 – NO other electrical/home changes. A++ deal”

Mitch D., Texas


The LOWEST electric bill I have hadsince I bought the house in 2009” 

“Just a note to let you know that after installing one of these on the breaker that goes to the panel in the garage, that feeds the pool pump- My electric bill from usual 1200KW to only 753KW…. The LOWEST electric bill I had since I bought the house in 2009″

I think I’ll get another one & put it on the breaker to the AC next…. THANKS!



We have had Electric Saver 1200 for about 10 Years” 

“We have had the electric saver 1200 for about 10 years and have had big savings on our electric bill of around 25% and are purchasing a 1400 because of larger electric needs in Fla. and hope to save even more.

We have family and friends from up north that just love the savings too.”

~ K. Schwartz of Florida


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