Step Guide For Better Way To Install Electric Saver

What if there are multiple Large Motors & multiple breaker panels on the property?…

When you assess a property to determine what it needs to help reduce the kilowatt usage you may run into an instance where the property has multiple breaker panels, and many motors on the property. It is easy to get mixed up and not know what to do in this situation. So, what do you do? Here is a simple 7 step guide to get you through this situation easily.

Point blank- It is ALWAYS better to install an Electric Saver directly on the motor instead of on the panel.

I know, I know, I have been asked this question at least a thousand times?

“But isn’t is better to install at the main panel and correct all the loads in the home instead of just 1 motor?” In theory yes, but in actuallity no. Here’s Why…

If you install an Electric Saver on a Main Panel you are only correcting the loss of all the motors in your home from the main panel to your power meter. Now that may work great if your power meter is 7 floors down in a meter room (as in a condo or apartment). But, in most settings (residential & commercial), most of the time your power meter is on the other side of the wall just a few feet away.

If you install an Electric Saver on the largest motors on the property, you are correcting the loss all the way from the motor through the main panel to the power meter. That is alot more captured waste and savings.

Would you rather have a % of savings from this pie or from this pie?


I prefer the bigger slice of savings as I am sure you & your customers would too! So how do you do this?

1) Determine what motors are on the property (Central Air Conditioners, Pool Pumps, Heat Pumps, Jacuzzi Motors, AC Chillers, Large Refrigeration Units, any large motor that pulls alot of amperage and impacts your power bill).

2) Determine where the Power Meter (or sometimes on a large property there are several meters) is in distance in relation to each large motor you have found on the property.

3) Find out which motors run the most/ or impact the power bill the most.

4) Measure how many amps each of those motors in Step 3 are pulling.

5) Determine how many Electric Savers the property will need.

Put yourself in your customers shoes at this moment. Realistically determine what is best for your customer? What will help him or her the most? Putting 7 Electric Savers on a home or small business will probably not be worth your customer’s investment vs. the time it takes for them to see a return on their savings.

So, focus on the motors that impact the bill the most and are furthest away from the power meter. Installing an Electric Saver on 2 of 3 large A/C motors that are on the other side of the home will be better than all 3 large A/C motors, a pool, a jacuzzi, 3 refrigerators, etc.

Each property is going to be different so this step is KEY to closing your deal. If you truly care about helping your customer, your sales will come much easier long term.

6) Discuss what you feel is the best option for your customer for this job and close the deal.

7) Order & Install the correctly sized unit for the motors above per the manufacturers instructions.

I hope this article helps you be more successful. And as always, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you are reading this article and you’d like to hear more, SIGN UP on the form below to be the 1st to get new information as it is released!

Thanks for reading!

To Your Success,

Glenn Hough
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