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Electric Saver 1200

Is the Electric Saver 1200 part of a "Power Saver Scam"?

It doesn't take a lot of research in the subject of home/business energy savers to find out about those "power saver boxes" and to find out that some believe it is a scam. It makes sence that some would be mistrusting, after all, there ARE many scams and useless devices out there on the market. However if one understands fully what those "energy saver boxes" are, what they do, and HOW TO CORRECTLY INSTALL ONE, one can see that they really can work.

For a more technical explanation on how the unit works, please visit our F.A.Q. page, but the bottom line is this: Is the person selling you the "energy saving box" knowledgable enough, and does he care enough to ensure your unit gets installed correctly?

We are Electric Saver 1200™. We manufacture these "electric saver boxes" here in Miami, FL, and we are comitted to providing our customers with a valuable service, which will give them the energy savings they are looking for. We have excellent customer service and are glad to answer any and all of your questions, before and after purchasing our Electric Saver 1200™.

Our product has been proven to lower energy consumption, protect against power surges, and extend the life of your home or business appliances. Our Electric Saver 1200™ is UL and CuL listed to ensure quality and safety. We sell residential and commercial models.

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power saver scam review


     When motors in your home turn on, they
     demand from the power company's
     transformer power. This demand of
     power from your motor goes
     through the wires on your property, to
     the electric panel...

     Read more about our Electrical power saver device
Avoid power saver scams by knowing-before-you-go. Give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions.
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