Power Saver Installation Tips: At the Electrical Panel

​Power Saver Installation Tips at the Panel…

​“How do I know what size unit to put on my customer’s home or business to get the best results?”

electric-panelWhen you are choosing to install the power saver directly to the panel or multiple panels, knowing what size service the panel is is the most important.

By design, we know that an electrical panel has many things turning on and off throughout the day. So when the panel units were designed, they were created exactly for that size panel with that in mind. The model name fits the size electrical panel.

For example:

A panel that has a single phase 200 amp service (or

main switch shutoff is 200 amps) requires an ES1200 model. The 1 stands for single phase and the 200 stands for 200 amp service panel.

If you have a home that has multiple panels in the home. Here’s what you do. Find out which panels or subpanels run the biggest motors in the home.

pool-pumpFor example: You come to a home that has 1 main electrical panel, but branches off to 2 subpanels. 1 of the subpanels runs the garage and some outdoor lighting. The other subpanel runs the pool pump and mother in law suite in the back.

Because the 2nd subpanel has a pool pump running many hours daily, plus it has an air conditioner for the back MIL Suite, installing a unit on this subpanel would give the customer better savings. (rather than installing on the 1st subpanel that has very few large motors on the subpanel.)

However, if both subpanels had A/C units on them (1 for home and 1 for suite in back), you would get better savings installing 2 units to the subpanels instead of the main.

Another rule of thumb is: Focus on where the large motors on the property are. The closer you install a power saver to the motor, the more kilowatt savings you will get. So if you have a choice of whether to install on the main panel or subpanel, if the subpanel has the largest motor on it and is closer to the actual motor than the main panel, install at the subpanel.

If the subpanel is a single phase 100 amp service, you would need the 1100 model. If the subpanel is a three phase 100 amp service, you would need the 3100 model.

air-conditionerIf you come to another property and the main panel has the Central Air Conditioner on it and no other subpanels, you would just install on the main panel or at the air conditioner motor directly.

(see previous email I sent regarding details on installing directly on motor.) Depending on what size the main panel is, depends on what size model you install.

Most panels in a residential home nowadays are 200 amp service. However, there are cases where the panel size is smaller. So you do need to look at what size it is to be sure you are giving your customer the best savings/results possible.

As always, should you have any questions, please contact me. That’s what I’m here for! I want to ensure you have all the help you need to make YOUR success become a REALITY!

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