Power Company Approves PFC System

​Thumbs up on PFC from a Power Company?…

power-factorI came across a study done the other day about the positive effects of At load installation power correction devices.

Many people have touted because residential homes do not have to pay a power factor penalty, that power correction devices won’t help the homeowner.

What they didn’t say was that the customer is billed for the excess heat/loss in the lines on their side of the power meter regardless of how great their power factor is. The older the home or building, the older the wire & fittings, the more inefficient the home is and the more they pay for energy they cannot use because of these inefficiencies. And if you install this device, it will help reduce your kilowatt usage.

Well, a very in depth study was done in New York on installing these devices at the load and the details of that report are incredible!

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The points that interested me were:

* Any system that can reduce load will save approximately 3 times that amount of energy at the power plant. So not only are you helping your customer, you are also helping your planet save its valuable resources.

* Correctly Sized At load Installation of a Power Factor Correction System is Comparable to a Solar Array system that costs 10 times the cost of your PFC system- THIS IS A HUGE SELLING POINT TO YOUR COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS!

install-electric-saver-to-a-load*If you are installing the Electric Saver unit directly to a load, not only are you reducing the customers power bill, you are lengthening the life of a large costly motor such as a Central A/C unit or Heat Pump.

* Because Refrigeration runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is very inefficient, if you aren’t focusing on commercial clients especially those that have alot of refrigeration (supermarkets, walk-in coolers, convenience stores), you should start NOW! This product will help this type of client tremendously.

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