How Much Is Electricity? A Line Loss Discussion

​How Much Is Electricity? A Line Loss Discussion….

Today, I want to discuss why line loss is important and why you should know about this. But first, let’s define what it means:

discussionEnergy waste resulting from the transmission of electrical energy across power lines; usually refers to losses within transmission systems but occasionally refers to the same losses when they occur in distribution systems.

These losses occur due to the conversion of electricity to heat and electromagnetic energy. A small amount of loss occurs even in the most efficiently engineered systems.

When they say the conversion of electricity to electromagnetic energy, one example of this is AC inductive motors. Motors exist in residential & commercial properties so this matters whether you specialize in 1 area or the other! Motors such as A/C, Heat Pump, Pool Pump, Elevator Motors, Irrigation/Water Pumps, Sewing Factories, Grain Mills, Large Fans, Refrigeration and the list goes on and on.

My point with this being, the more distance between the motors on the property and the meter, the harder the electricity has to work to get to it. So if you install an electricity saving unit directly on the motor to correct the line loss/waste/inefficiency, you are now

saving your customers energy & money. The more loss that exists on the property, the more you can save your customer on their power bill by correcting that loss.

I hope this helps you think with all the possibilities of who your customers are and how many people you can help save electricity just by understanding who your product helps, & how & why it helps them.

Thanks for reading!

Glenn Hough

Electric Saver 1200