Different Sized Models for Installation? What’s the Difference?

When to use a different sized model Electric Saver.

​Electric Saver Installation on a Dedicated Motor:

electric-saver-installationIf you install your Electric Saver and you notice that the amps go up instead of down, that is NOT GOOD. Installing the correctly sized Electric Saver is important in getting results/savings on the power bill in a home or business. If you have installed the unit and the Electric Saver is on and your amp readings go higher, this is a sign that the unit is too big for your application. You will need a smaller model Electric Saver. When you take your readings, be sure your motors are on at full load. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this test, Click Here to Read About Sizing Properties Properly. If you installed at the electrical panel, this article does not apply as you are correcting harmonics at the main panel and not installing an Electric Saver directly on a motor for further kilowatt reduction. (This is more for an advanced type of install.)

What will happen if you leave the wrong-sized Electric Saver installed without measuring the amps to be sure they are going down?

Best case scenario: the customer will not get results and will think you have wasted their time and money. Worst case scenario: the customers power bill will go UP and you could burn up the motors in their home! This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you are trying to do. You want to help your customers to see results, save on power bills, and lengthen the lives of their motors/appliances.

How do you know if the correct size is on the application?

When you install the device at the motor, always take a before and after install reading to compare your amps. If the amps go up, the unit is too big for your motor/application. If the amps go down, you have the correct unit and will be saving money. Every home and business is different. It has a different layout, different aged Central A/C, heat pump, or pool pump, old wiring vs new wiring, etc. So before you permanently mount an Electric Saver Device onto a dedicated motor in this way, make sure you take pre/post amp readings to be sure the unit is working properly for the home/business.

We have several models available:

Single Phase Applications:

Residential Model

ES1050, ES1100, ES1200, & ES1400

Our most popular model in the USA is the ES1200. Most homes need 1 unit. But for larger homes with multiple Central A/C units, swimming pool pumps, well pumps, etc. An additional unit may be worth the investment depending on electricity usage. (If power bill is more than $300, we definitely recommend installing a dedicated unit for your largest motors on your property.)

Three-Phase Applications:


ES3050, ES3100, ES3200, & ES3400

These units are used with properties that have three-phase electricity. Usually, three-phase electricity in the USA is found in commercial properties like businesses, restaurants, office buildings, manufacturing plants, factories, etc. As each business varies on what type of motors are affecting their power bills, the amount of units required can also vary. We also build custom-made units based upon your specifications. If interested, please contact us for details.

The Electric Saver Installation Instructions are available here & MUST be used exactly to be sure your customer gets good results.

If you have a question, a complaint, or need help with ANYTHING at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away.

To Your Success!


Glenn Hough, CEO
​Electric Saver 1200