How to Increase Your Sales

​How to Increase/ Make More Sales:

increase-salesToday, I want to let you know how you can change a skeptic into a believer. This makes your sales process WAY easier.

Example: You do a demonstration for Mr. & Mrs. Smith on their home.

But, Mr. Smith says, “If your product is so good, why haven’t we heard of it before? How come everybody doesn’t have one?….”

What would you say? Most would go into the effectiveness of the device. But what is Mr. Smith really saying? He is saying- you haven’t closed me. I have my reasons and you have not met my qualifications. I am not sold. Your sales pitch needs to be for your customers reasons—NOT so much all about your product. Remember you have to stand out. Yes, you need to give a demonstration so your customer knows what he/she is buying, but the closer will spend more time really talking to the customer, caring about the customer (if you don’t care about helping the person in front of you and all you care about is the sale- stop reading now! This advice will never benefit you.), helping the customer and REALLY finding out what the customer needs/wants this product to handle.

customer-needsOnce the closer knows what the customer needs, he just keeps putting those reasons in front of the customer. Create Desire.

Customer A may be a family guy who is watching every penny so his reasons may be to save money so he can afford a vacation this year.
*Appliances Last Longer *Save Money on Power Bill

Customer B may be a single guy who is doing well financially and doesn’t have attention on money but wants to Go Green.

*Use Less Energy *Appliances Last Longer & Run Cooler so you leave less carbon footprint on the Earth

Customer C may be a business owner who wants to cut expenses and add more to his bottom line.
*Lowers Monthly Power Bill
*Motors in your Factory will run cooler & last longer so your future expenses will be less.

best-solutionDo you see how these reasons are completely different? And, if you as the sales person are pitching 1 reason when your customer has totally different reasons, you will not be able to close that customer?
Knowing your customer and his/her wants & needs–reasons is VITAL. If you know this, (and you know your product can help them solve their problem/reason) all you need to do is give their reasons back to them in your sales pitch. The more desire you can create in your pitch with their reasons, the more interest/ reach your customer will have.

Then you must ask your customer to take action. Once the above is in (you have created desire using your customers reasons), it is easy for your customer to make a decision and take action. But, not before then.

  • In the next article I will show you how to handle your customer’s most common objections.
  • I will show you how to handle the most common objections I get from customers and how to handle them.
  • I will give you the answers I say to customers to sell Thousands of Dollars of products every day.

Email me with some of the most common objections you get and I will address as many as I can in the next couple of articles.

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