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Recently, I have had a couple people say I am full of _!@# and how did I come up with this theory of installing energy savers close to the loads instead of directly at the main electric panel? So I thought maybe more people out there in the electrical industry disagreed with me? I started looking around to see if there was anymore information out there from someone with high credibility to further back up what I am saying to you.

I ran across an article by GE that talks about just this. (General Electric, one of the largest and most recognized companies in the electrical arena.)

GE said, “Most AC power systems require both kW (kilowatts) and kVAR (kilovars). Capacitors installed near the loads in a plant are the most economical and efficient way of supplying these kilovars.”

“Benefit 4 – Reduce Line Losses
By supplying kilovars at the point they are needed, capacitors relieve the system
of transmitting reactive current. Since the electrical current in the lines is reduced,
I2R losses decrease.
 Therefore, fewer kilowatt-hours need to be purchased from
the utility.”

Wait, Wait, Wait….. Did GE just say that it would lower the kilowatts and less kilowatt-hours need to be purchased from your POWER COMPANY? ………They damn sure did!

So if you read my prior articles and said, “This guy is full of it!” or “Sounds like BS!” Now you know that I am not full of you know what!

Attached is the full article by GE explaining Power Factor Correction so you can review it in full.

Click Here

All the field tests where I correctly installed the power saver (see your “At the Load Instructions” I provided you for more info on how to do this) to Central A/C units or pool pumps or heat pumps all had kilowatt drops at the power company’s electric meter, not just amp drops!

Because all a residential or small commercial property owner cares about is what we are billed for which is in KILOWATTS. I would encourage you to get a meter that measures kilowatts. Upon installation of the powersaver directly to the motor, you would need to measure the kilowatts at the meter where your power company measures the kilowatt consumption.

So, upon installation of your power saver. If your purpose is to help your customer lower their power bill, make sure the kilowatts are dropping with the power saver installed. If they are not, do not continue, refer back to our “At the Load Instructions” on what to do.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I hope you have a great week!

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