Power Save 1200

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Best Power Saver Price | Get the Best Priced with Free S/H!

​ What is the Best Power Saver Price?

There are a lot of products out there that can reduce your electric bill. And they (mostly) do work. But they can cost anywhere from $300-$5000+! That means that it can take YEARS for you to see a return on your investment.

We have the best power saver price in the industry.  This product can reduce your energy consumption, protect against power surges and extend the life of your appliances, just like many of those higher-priced units. But we believe in offering a fair exchange to our customers, which is why we sell our devices for less than $200 (residential). We believe that you should actually be able to save money with our product.

Worried about quality? We manufacture our product within the strict regulations of UL and CuL. Our product has undergone a head-to-toe inspection as well as our facilities and manufacturing process.  We proudly manufacture in the USA!

Residential and commercial/industrial models available.


If you’d like to learn more just click the link below to watch our demonstration video.


​Get the best priced power saver here. Enjoy a return on your investment within months, not years.  Imagine this time next year, you could literally have hundreds more in your savings to spend on those you love this holiday season.Get rid of those high power bills and keep more of your dollars for you!

 What is the Best Power Saver Price?
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