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Electric Saver 1200
air conditioner energy saver

Energy Conservation Distributor

We have the best energy saving devices available!

Our devices work hard day in, and day out to make your home more energy efficient.  According to energystar.gov 40-60% of your energy bills come from heating and cooling your home.  We focus on making your large motors (such as your air conditioner) more efficient with our energy saver. 

It is installed either directly on your Central A/C, Heat Pump, or Pool Pump motor or you can install on your electrical panel. This product is ideal for protecting the large costly appliances in your home from power surges.

By making your motors and appliances run cooler, they also last longer.  This saves you even more energy, & money in the long run. Our devices work with residential homes, apartments/condominiums and businesses.

All our units are proudly made in the U.S.A & UL/ cUL listed in USA & Canada for your safety!

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energy saving solutions

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Say goodbye to high power bills.
Start Saving Money on your
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Enjoy your savings every month and
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energy savings solutions


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       Electric Saver 1200
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