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About Us

picture of Electric Saver 1200 Owners  I worked in the Power Industry for several years in the 1990’s.  I saw how the power companies are making their power grids more energy efficient.  I wondered, “If they can make their power grids more efficient, can their customers make their homes/businesses more energy efficient too?”  After years of research & testing, the answer was yes!

How much could the average home or business owner save every month? I was determined to find out.  I installed our products on every family member, neighbor, friend, and friends of friends across the country to find out.

While the average reported back to me was 10-15%, some reported back savings of 22%, 26%, and even 35%!  After discovering that the US Dept. of Energy reports BILLIONS are billed to the American consumer without them even using it, I knew something must be done to help.  From Our Customer Reviews we’ve gotten back, we are happy to report that we are helping tons of homeowners and business owners alike all over the WORLD save on electricity bills for decades to come.picture of Electric Saving Device Owner kids

We are a family owned and operated manufacturing company located in Okeechobee, FL USA (Centrally located right in the middle of Florida, on the North Tip of Lake Okeechobee aka “Bass Fishing Capital of the World!” (just 2 hours south of Walt Disney World & 1 1/2 hours west of Palm Beach).  We want to help EVERY family and business worldwide save money on their power bills and thus live a better life.

Make America Great Again- American Manufacturing FacilityBy manufacturing our products in the USA, we can do our part and help make America great again.    Help us provide jobs to hardworking Americans, and join us in our mission.  Every dollar counts in a household & our aim is to make the world a better place for our family & yours.  Our products work all over the world by helping improve the power grid, protecting your property from power surges, brownouts, and most importantly by helping all motors on your property run more efficiently thus saving you energy.

We have shipped our products in just about every country in the world, from Africa, Europe, South America, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica, Asia, Australia, you name it, we have probably shipped it there.  Join our Growing Family of Electric Saver Users Across the World now, get your unit today!


Our Mission

electric-saver-works-globallyOur mission has, and always will be, TO IMPROVE LIVES WORLDWIDE.  By helping you save on electricity bills & our by helping preserve our planet’s resources, our world is a better place.  We love providing workable solutions to all and helping families worldwide.


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