Energy Conservation for Business Owners

​Energy Conservation for Business Owners

energy-conservation-for-businessI wanted to shine a spotlight on a potential client you may or may not have considered: Business Owners!

In order to stay in business, their motors, air conditioning and equipment must run. It can be any business that uses A/C, heating, or machinery of any kind. Business owners cannot just turn up the thermostat when they are away from their business and have a less expensive energy bill. Their thermostats have to remain on and comfortable for their customers and employees all day long.

If the business owner is in the the business of manufacturing, their motors MUST run in order to produce their product. The same goes for a restaurant that must run A/C to keep their clientele comfortable. Restaurants also have to keep their coolers refrigerated and many have huge walk-in coolers, etc.

rooftop-acIn an office building or hotel the owners must maintain rooftop Air Conditioners, large A/C units, chilled water pumps, elevator motors, pool pump motors, large exhaust fans, etc.

In farming, owners use many different motors in their normal operations to produce their final product to market.
So a business owner’s operating costs will be reduced when you correct the existing loss in their motors. Energy conservation in business is really

taking a look at how much of the business owner’s paycheck at the end of the day will be conserved and kept.

If you can save them money on their operating costs you will definitely get their attention and open the door for more business for yourself! Once you have made them happy, don’t forget to ask them for a letter of recommendation or referrals to other business owners.

where-your-energy-goesIf you read my email last week regarding commercial properties and how to size units quickly and easily, you will know how to take measurements on a commercial property, and assess what is needed in order to get your customer the best results. Knowing this information cold will help you close more deals as you will.

Knowing this information cold will help you close more deals as you will know the customer’s investment and what is needed to get them ideal savings when their interest in your offer is at its highest. I am sure you know it is much easier to close the deal when your client’s interest is high.

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If you need anything at all, please email me. I am happy to help you in any way I can.

Glenn Hough

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