​What Type of Breaker Do I Need to Install an Electric Saver?

​I get asked this question a lot so I thought I would go over in detail what size breakers we use for installation of our Electric Saver.

singlephaseSingle Phase Units:

For the ES1050, ES1100, ES1200, or ES1400 models, you will need a 20-30 amp double pole breaker.

For the full set of single phase Electric Saver Installation Instructions Click Here


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3phaseFor Three Phase Units:

For the ES3050, ES3100, ES3200, you will need a 30 amp triple pole breaker to install the electric saver.

ES3400 models, you will need a 60 amp triple pole breaker to install the electric saver.

For the full set of 3 phase Electric Saver Installation Instructions Click Here

And when installing ALWAYS be sure to measure Pre & Post Amperage readings to be sure your customer gets the results they deserve.


Step 1) With motor at full load, check how many amps the motor is pulling.

Step 2) Install the Electric Saver according to the Load Instructions (Option 2) in the instructions above.

Step 3) With motor at full load and Electric Saver installed, check how many amps the motor is pulling.

Step 4) Compare your numbers in Step 1 to your numbers in Step 3. If the number is higher, the Electric Saver is over correcting and you should not install this size model on this motor! If the amperage number is lower, the electric saver is doing its job and your customer is saving money on power bill.

What do you do if the amps are higher with the electric saver on the motor than when not installed?

You put the next smaller model on the motor and recheck your numbers before and after install. You do this until the number is dropping when power saver is installed.

If you would prefer custom made units for your large commercial job, we can also build larger custom size units to fit those motor’s measurements. To get custom units built, please contact us at 1-863-467-0588 for more information.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

To Your Success!


Glenn Hough
Electric Saver 1200

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