How Can You Save on Electricity

How Can You Save on Electricity Bills At Home?

Who wouldn’t like to be saving money on their monthly bills? One of the easiest monthly costs you can reduce is your energy bill. But how can you save power in your home or business? Well, we have a device which can do that quite effectively.

The product works to make the motors in your home more energy efficient and give you a lower electricity bill. It also can protect your home against power surges and also extend the life of your household motors and appliances. It’s listed with UL and CuL for safety and quality. Residential and commercial units available. Made proudly in the U.S.A.

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More Ways To Conserve Electricity: LIGHTING

buynowThis is an area where power is being wasted frequently. Not since lights are left unnecessarily on (though that would certainly still cause waste) yet instead because you’re using an extremely, very ineffective light bulb.

That’s right, incandescent light bulbs (the kind you grew up with) are very ineffective. This is so true that they are being eliminated in the USA. Just what will they be replaced by you ask? LED and also CFL light bulbs. Both use only a portion of the power of incandescent light bulbs, and last a lot longer. In the case of LED bulbs, they last over 10 times as long and also use only 20% of the electricity the older ones used.

Tip # 2

  • Switch out all your old light bulbs for LED ones. It’s easy to do, and also when you’re done, you will not require to change out the light bulbs once more for several years.

Tip # 3

  • An additional excellent lighting idea is to utilize dimmer buttons anywhere possible (as well as ensure that you obtain LED bulbs that are dimmer compatible). They allow you to utilize only as much light as you need and could help in conserving electricity.

Saving Electricity At Home with Air Conditioner and/or Heat Pump

Tip # 4

  • hvac-maximizer-transparentAnother Product I always recommend is a smart little box that monitors your Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Air Handler and adjusts the timing to get the most efficiency out of your system. This is more than a time delay, this is a smart energy saver air conditioner box.

  • Government tests have proven that this box not only works year round to save you on heating AND cooling, but also doesn’t affect your comfort levels in any way. The results came back just using this product alone gave the average home owner at 14.9% savings on their energy bills year round. This is 1 little box worth looking into.

Tip # 5

  • Always have your HVAC system checked regularly. By checking regularly, you ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible without wasting energy to cool/heat areas that have leaks/gaps causing drafts in your home and unwanted extra energy costs related to such things.

  • Also, regularly clean your air vent to keep the ducts from getting dirty. This can not only cause sickness or allergies to flare up, but also it can cause your air conditioner or heating system to work harder than need be.

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